Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Holidays!

The presents are for you though!
New ROBO FORCE page! More clues about the Zetonian's greatest nightmare, HUN-DRED!
New MORDLES page! The Explorers are on the move!

I hope everyone is having a fun holiday season and here's a Maxx build to get your creative spirit flowing! Meet DEEP DIVE MAXX ZERO!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Inspiration and Descendant

Pictured: a Block in robotic configuration, and what Matt D. calls "Tomy Maxx".

The lineage of robotic figures goes all the way back to the walking tin-toy robots of the 1950s, passes through various Marx and Ideal figures in the 60s, Star Wars, Micronauts and Star Team in the 70s, Robo Force and Transformers in the 80s, Z-Bots in the 90s, all the way through to today.
I bring this up because a lot of people ask me about licensing. Over the years, all of these different lines had robots, but they each had something unique to bring to the table. So my question to "you" is - what do you want a license for?

Manufacturing is a gamble. Any business is a gamble. You are trying to express something (or/and make some cash while doing it) and why would you want to hamstring your business by being locked-in to something which manages expectations? Is the robot in the above picture Maxx Steele/Maxx Zero, the invincible warrior of the Robo Force? Some people have stated they don't think it is, because their view of Maxx is something different - a bulky, suction cupped, bendy arm robot. Or a giant personal assistant robot who could actually talk. Nothing that anyone can do would meet those expectations.

Given a choice, I would have pursued my own original property*. I've spoken about it before - we were actually thisclose to an entirely different original concept being the launch line from Toyfinity. What expectations would people have if the line was something never before seen? None. It can be anything, as Glyos is. The relevance of the Block in the above pic, for people who are somewhat new to Glyos, is that the partial inspiration for it WAS Zeroids and Robo Force. That's part of what I love about the Block, and Glyos overall - it is like many things in aspects, but it isn't a copycat.
So, my advice to anyone who has dreams of starting their own toy line is to ask themselves "what is it that I want to have inhabit my life for the next few years?" Do you want to be dealing with licensors and quotas and all of the rest that goes into a standard license? Where's your inspiration? Why settle for "Crystar" when your Crystar is out there?

*I know this begs the logical question "why did you get licenses then?" The answer is really two-fold: one, I wanted to bring back the Mordles, and I'm sure any original property I would have conceived would have had a Mordle-inspired figure in it somewhere. Two, as I have said many times previously, Maxx didn't get a fair chance at retail because of the environment he was introduced into. If Robo Force was released in 1982, the conversation might be entirely different; 1984 was not a place where Robo Force as a concept was going to be able to stand up against Transformers and Go-Bots. Letting Maxx rot away forever in limbo was not something I was willing to let happen.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Troop building

One of the things we were working on was a "standard" Dred Trooper.
What do you think of this guy, in these colors?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Mordles page! Maxx pre-order update! Happy Anniversary Robo Force cartoon! And more...

Also, friend of Toyfinity Daniel Hartzler reminded me that the Robo Force cartoon first aired 30 years ago this week. So jump over to YouTube and watch the one-and-only Robo Force cartoon!

So, update on the Maxx pre-orders - it looks like the figures will be shipping to you in January.
Let me explain why. Matt Doughty and I received samples of the figures, and there were some tweaks that needed to happen to make the Maxx editions they best they could be.
First, this was the first time we have detail-lined the Maxx figure. There were a few areas that we added, and a few we subtracted, to make it look the best that it can. Secondly, we had to remove two of the paint applications on the Ultimate Maxx. His elbows will no longer be a shade of gray. You can see how the unpainted elbows look in the picture below.
There were two reasons for this - in the original concept, we were going to run the arms in plain black, and then paint the elbows on this edition. However, we would have wound up with a situation where the black on the arms, guns, hands, Maxx's head, etc would have been a shade different than the arms. So we made the decision to paint the arm tubes for the most aesthetically pleasing look.
What you can't have on this particular figure, as was clear from the samples, are three painted parts touching each other so tightly. Ever wonder why a McFarlane figure might break right out of the box? In some instances, the PAINT bonds to other paint and it fuses together. There was a concern of that happening, so we removed the gray application from the elbows. I'm not too sad about it though - if you want a preview of what it might have looked like (and have the Genesis Edition of Maxx), swap those elbows onto the Ultimate Maxx. It isn't as aesthetically pleasing as leaving the elbows what we have now officially named "Maxx gray".
We also had to lose the black paint application on the center core part of Maxx's chest:
I took a chance because I wanted to add a new level of detail to a figure of this type. But it isn't possible to do (and maintain the integrity of a paint application of this type) because of the ability to disassemble the figure. I didn't want people to get their kits and have that paint app scratched just from the figure being assembled in the factory (and in turn, easily scratched when you assemble the figure), so we cut the paint application. It also had a tendency to leave black marks on the other parts of the figure. Lesson learned. You might see that paint app again if we ever use the chest as the head of a figure.

If anyone has any questions about these changes, please feel free to send me an e-mail.
I'd rather have the figure be great and delayed a month than to rush something to you that isn't going to work.
We're working on Cruel to be the next Ultimate Edition. More info on that project soon, as well as the debut of the Chronicler Mordles!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Classic Maxx samples are in!

What a wild ride it has been.

When I started the process of bringing back Robo Force with Matt Doughty and my partners in Toyfinity, I had visions of a Maxx which was painted well beyond what Ideal could (or would) do in the 80s. And now he is here.

I'm proud to say I am very pleased with this early sample. Now, some revisions have to be made; this is the first time we have detailed lined Maxx, and there are some areas which need revision from this sample. The elbows you see here are placeholders on the Ultimate Edition - the final ones will be the same highlight grey from the rest of the figure. I'll keep you updated as to when we might expect the full order to arrive in the US (we might miss Christmas on this guy), along with some behind-the-scenes pics of the work that goes into reviewing a sample.
Painting a figure this small with so much paint has been a big experiment. If we do more Ultimate figures in the future, there are a few paint apps on this figure which may not ever be replicated - so this guy is going to be unique even if demand rose to make him again.
I think the level of paint has thrown some people, because you just don't get a lot of figures in this scale which are so heavily painted. The chest was a particular challenge - the original Maxx had a very specific stickered chest which made it easy to put color in whatever patterns they wanted. I think we had over ten revisions of the chest pattern before picking the one you see above.

Keep an eye on my Instagram (@toyfinity) for more quick pics of the figure with other figures, as well as more Toyfinity fun.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Many Sides of Fangar the Conspirator

My good buddy Steve is a master archivist of old toy sale ads.
Years ago, he found the one above (I assume in the Maryland area due to the city names at the bottom). Notice anything funny about it?
We've had quite the talks about the appearance of Fangar over the years in this ad. Does anyone out there reading this have a copy of the Ideal 1985 Line Art Catalog? I have scans of two pages from years and years ago - but only of the RBT pages. I need to see the Robo Force pages, for obvious reasons.
Thanks for letting me share this on the blog, Steve! 

Also, there's this:
Independent toy manufacturing is incredibly challenging from a financial standpoint, which is why anyone who loves the independent scene should be following the work of people working in 3-D printing. One notable artist working in the medium today is David White AKA Mechazone.
What he does with ABS plastic in his garage is truly the costs to manufacture in China increase, the idea that we may one day be able to have completely original, professionally produced figures made on printers here in the US is a tantalizing prospect. It's very close now - check out the link! I have two of David's figures and they need to be seen to be believed.
One of the only weaknesses of home 3D printing currently is a loss of detail only currently possible with more traditional molds - but if you get one of these figures in-hand, it feels like a standard ABS action figure.

So, the drawing above...I challenged David to do a redesign on Fangar the Conspirator (one of the unproduced second series Robo Force characters) in his style. I'm super happy with the results!
I'd love to see this figure in plastic someday.
To see more work from David, follow him on Instagram at username mechazone.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The human factor

Had Robo Force continued into its second year, we would have seen the introduction of multiple new characters, including the human who "designed and built the Robo Force" - Mark Fury, and his fellow freedom fighter Deena Strong.
Conceptually, was a line all about a planet of robots too strange for kids to really get into in 1984? Transformers and Gobots would tell us no. Adding the humans was just part of the story that Ideal would have is also worth noting that these would not have specifically been Earth humans, as the entire story takes place on planet Zeton. Unless Zeton would have turned out to have been an Earth colony or something along those lines...

So what do you think? Is Mark Fury an integral part of the Robo Force mythos, or something best left in 1985? Should Deena Strong finally see production as part of the Toyfinity range?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Art is an incredibly subjective thing.

What one person sees as art, another could see as blasphemy.
In this case, though, I was amused to find that the above drawing had been done by an artist named Doyle a few years back before Toyfinity owned the rights to Robo Force.
I had to order one for my own collection. Prints are still available from Nakatomi.

So, RoboCop being Man and Machine is closer to the gods of Machines because of his duality of existence?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


You guys rock!
The order period for Classic Maxx is closed, and I am very pleased with the results.
The best seller was the Ultimate Maxx, followed by the Basic version. A bunch of people picked up blanks for customizing- I can't wait to see what you do with them!
We're hoping to see production samples in November sometime - as soon as I have pics, I will share them.

It's incredibly difficult to have a completely independent toy company in 2014.
Financing is tough. How do you connect with the fanbase that is out there when you can't see the product in person anywhere?
But you, the fans, have made me happy with your support.
YOU make it happen.
What's next? That's something I have been thinking about. I'd love to mix it up a bit - who'd like a nice Ultimate Cruel to battle your Robo Force? Is Hun-Dred who you are jonsing for more? Or how about a Volkruia Sentinel? How about a pink Robo Force kit? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Maxx Zero Pre-Orders end Saturday! New Glyos release Sunday over at Onell HQ!

Just a reminder - pre-orders for the Classic Editions of Maxx Zero (Ultimate, Basic, and Unpainted) end tomorrow around 11 pm EST.
The response has been great! I appreciate all of the support so far.
I have checked in with the factory and everything looks great for delivery in December at this time.
I can't wait to get some production samples to show you guys!

Don't forget there is a new Onell Design Glyos System release this Sunday, including this monstrosity:

He'd look great against your Robo Force!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Breaking down Ultimate Maxx, and a clarification to paint apps

 Hello there Toyfinity fans!

Thanks for the orders so far on these three editions!
I'm happy to see that people like the Ultimate Edition so much.
I wanted to give you, the fans, a little insight into the color selections on some of these parts.

 So, we have the above parts.
Classic Maxx has to have black arms - there was no doubt about that.
I had a lot of thoughts about what color the middle part of the arm should be.
The vintage figures were so simplistic in the amount of color they used that there was no clear guideline of where to break the colors from part to part.
I always saw the center arm piece as a darker gray than the main body gray, and when we introduced the highlight gray into the mix, I had a number of conversations with Matt about the color of that center arm piece. As it is now, it will match the other darker gray paint applications throughout the figure; I originally thought it should be an even darker gray than those grays, but after a series of test mechanicals, I don't think it would have looked right.

The shoulders were also an important piece to get right to me. He's more complex than vintage Maxx, where they just picked a half of the shoulder to our solution was a two-tone blue on the shoulder. What you should imagine when you look at this figure is that any dark blue spot is a plate over the internal workings of Maxx - places that he could be opened up and repaired. The lighter blue spots are where you can see his internal energies bleeding through...illuminated from the inside. This concept ties this Maxx more to his friend ZEM, and give us a really interesting potential future variant figure.

Lastly, I really wanted to paint those Hun-Dred claws. Maxx doesn't use them, but those apps will be neat if you make a Hun-Dred in Maxx colors.

 The only real thing I want to say about the hands is something which might not have been clear from day one. These hands are our version of the classic Maxx's "c-clip" hands. With these paint applications, you can finally see the intention - where the darker grey is, there would be a slot, and the black parts are Maxx's fingers which slide out so he can grip things better.

He can also shoot energy blasts out of the blue part on the outside of his hand. I have always loved that conceptually.

 I had a very specific vision of the inner chest parts.
At his core, Maxx has green energy. A very specific green energy....
Also, when you put on his outer chest, the black apps underneath that core will give him a nice little "belt"-looking section.

Ahh, the heads....
Enemy was easy. Maxx pretty easy.
The chest was the biggest tricky part. The vintage Maxx had the sticker, which made it easy to arrange the colors on a black background. But if we had made Maxx with a non-textured chest, he would have looked pretty crappy.
I must have looked at over twenty different potential chest paint applications before settling on this one. I feel it has the right amount of color (each one a callback to the vintage Maxx chest sticker), and gives Maxx a nice amount of color at his core.
It was also fun to finally be able to color the part on Maxx's back the way I actually see it.


The legs were a lot of fun. By the time we had determined the rest of Maxx, it was easy to carry the motifs of color throughout the rest of his body. I wanted to have the right amount of black on his lower half to help callback to the treads and the vintage suction cup.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ultimate Maxx Zero Mechanicals

And here are the mechanicals for the Ultimate Maxx Zero!
I'll give my thoughts on what you see below later this week - business trip tomorrow and Wednesday!

Basic Version Maxx Zero Mechanicals

 Whenever we make a Toyfinity product, we have to send a series of mechanical drawings over to China to accurate communicate the design of the product to the factory.
Below are the five drawings showing all of the various parts of the Basic Maxx Robo Force kit (leaving out duplicated parts like the other arms) with applicable paint applications.  

The chest was probably the most challenging part of this figure. Replicating the exact look of the sticker was a no-go - that would have required thirty paint apps all by itself!
In the end, it was important to me to have it look relatively simple and colorful. Maxx is not a giant depressed robot maniac. He's a robotic warrior who always tries to do the right thing for the universe.

The Long and Winding Road - of Toyfinity, Classic Maxx Zero, and Choices

Hello there, Toyfinity fans.
Been a while since we had a nice long chat.
2014 is a year where I'd be happy with a do-over. 2013 too, for that matter.
The initial plan was that we'd have Manglors this year, Knight of Darkness would make an appearance, probably a new Mordle or two, and we'd have the classic Maxx and Hun-Dred on our shelves. You know what they say about the "best laid plans..."
The schedule has been transformed by many different events behind the scenes, and most of those projects will not see fruition until 2015. What you will see this year is the first entry in the Classic Robo Force series.

All along, I've had a vision in my head of what my version of Maxx Zero would be. 
Because he existed as a vintage toy, we had a blueprint of sorts to start with - but the figure I was imagining was much more complex in terms of paint. Maxx is my Pheyden, my Mickey Mouse...I imagined his look would evolve in complexity after hundreds of adventures and accomplishments.
The figure would be, at his core, in the classic colors of Maxx, but potentially not what everyone would want as their Maxx.
I didn't want to exclude the fans who love the primal nature of the paint applications and details of the original Ideal Toys version. I also saw an opportunity to provide a product that the customizers of the world have asked me for - a completely blank Robo Force kit in a nice base color that would be easy to paint.
What would be the best way to reconcile these varied approaches to Maxx Zero?

And that is the beauty of being truly independent of corporate interests.
Toy companies since the beginning of time have been hamstrung by production realities - paint masks cost money. Assembly costs money. Paint applications cost money. There is only a certain level of complexity that a figure can have and still hit a retail pricepoint. The majors have an idea that a premium figure has to sell for a 400% mark-up when put into a box with a folding lid.
Toyfinity is not limited in that way. I believe we've been clear with you about why figures cost more as we add paint applications and pieces.
YOU, the fans, can make the decision yourselves - with one minor change to the overall process of how you have bought these figures in the past.

For the first time, Toyfinity is going to offer you the opportunity at three Robo Force kit selections as pre-orders. It's a reality that costs have jumped to create mass-production items, especially at low production runs. Knowing this, I can't place an order for a massively expensive and complicated figure (or figures) without knowing for sure what you, the fans, want. After delivering multiple quality products to you in the past, I believe the time is right for a pre-order.

To create this Maxx, we started with one key thought: the base color of the figure was key to his vintage image. Without the classic "Commodore 64 grey/beige", there was no point in undertaking this project. So we sent the factory a classic Maxx figure to match the plastic as exactly as they can.
Packaging will be the same as previous waves - Maxx will be packed in a baggie. There may potentially be a Robo Force logo sticker on the baggie - still working that out.
From there, we get into the options:

#1 - Maxx Zero Basic Edition.
The ultra-Classic Steele-Forged Hero!
At $18, we have the Basic Maxx Zero. He's a standard 41 piece kit, including all of the pieces that you get with any Robo Force kit. The intention of this figure is to provide a nicely-balanced figure that is a pure update to the vintage Maxx figure, with slightly more color than the vintage on some parts. The full schematics for this figure will be provided later today for your perusal.

#2 - Maxx Zero Unpainted Edition
Exactly what the customizers have asked for! For $12, you get a completely paint-free figure that you can customize in any way you want.

#3 - Maxx Zero Ultimate Edition
The big man himself. For $35, you get a Maxx which will have over ONE HUNDRED PAINT APPLICATIONS and is 100% detail lined!
Again, on Monday, a full set of mechanical drawings will be posted which show where all of the paint applications on this figure will be placed. Over sixty of these applications are brand-new and never before used on a Robo Force kit.  This figure has more paint applications on it than some import figures which sell for double the price!

I look at an Ultimate Edition much like Takara-Tomy looks at Deluxe Transformers - Hasbro has a one-size-fits-all box that they must fit a Deluxe Transformer into (that costs exactly $15). TT will take that deluxe figure and put 3x the paint applications on the figure because they know it will look better - and because they aren't locked into that US retail price on their figures.

I want this to be a showpiece in your collections, as it will be in mine.
There may be other Ultimate Editions in the future, but never again this exact Maxx Zero in these exact colors.

So, now that you know the details, let's talk about the Toyfinity pre-order process.
This isn't Matty-style pre-ordering - there is no "sellout" that will magically pop up before the end of the order period. There is no "magical minimum order" that will suddenly be announced as missed and the project canceled. Whatever editions you order during the order period will be produced and delivered to you. There are no limits on any of the editions. Most importantly - no stock is being produced for sale in the Toyfinity store later. If you skip them now, you will NOT be able to purchase them from Toyfinity later.
Pre-orders are live in the store now. The full mechanical drawings for the Basic and Ultimate Editions will be posted later on Monday so you make your decisions.
The pre-order period starts now, and ends at 11 pm EST on 10/25/2014.
Payment is due when the order is placed, and the figures are currently scheduled to be delivered in December. I will keep you updated to any changes or issues that arise during the process.

What else to discuss...I suppose that's everything!
If there are any questions, send me an e-mail at
It's a new time for toys. We're in this together, my friends. You have choices as to what Maxx Zero kits you want in your collection, and if it works, in many of our products going forward.
I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to provide you those choices.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Sorry for the delay on all fronts, my friends.
Was bed-ridden for three days last week, then out on a business trip.
All orders placed last week will be shipping out by close of business Tuesday.
Above, enjoy a pic of my original RBT collection circa 2003-ish.
Still love these creatures!

Club Mordle packet is still in the works - sourcing one last thing. Will be shipping out in October now.
Also, keep your eyes peeled here about the next Robo Force and Mordles releases - info coming very soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Who wants to go to the beach?

Who thinks Toyfinity should make NEW Robo Force towels?
Towels are so hot right now!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Michael Berryman loves the Mordles... get some today!
The Toyfinity store is again open for business.
Some items were available in very low quantities after the recent NJCC show, so if you get a sold out notice, my apologies!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The original Maxx Steele

This is the best. They barely even call him Maxx until the end of the commercial.
Still, who wouldn't want one of these?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Post-Con madness and dog babysitting!

Hey everybody!

I'm still under the weather after NJCC this past Sunday. The store should be up by the weekend or early next week, and I'm anticipating shipping out all outstanding orders by close of business tomorrow.
Sorry for the delay!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Zero Hour

The Original Robots are back!
And Toyfinity has them.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Elite Glyaxia Protector Drones!

The enemies of Maxx Zero and the genesis of Vanguard the Warrior!
Swap a Sentinel head onto the body for even more drone action!

Friday, July 25, 2014

100% shipped!

Yep, every single order from this last round from all around the world has been shipped out!
So you should have received a shipping notice (except the one guy who asked me to hold his order - you haven't shipped out yet) from PayPal that it went out.
If you didn't receive the notice, check the e-mail that is associated with your PayPal.

As a special treat, enjoy the building instructions for the OFFICIAL Battlestar V2.
In the storyline, Hun-Dred had a traumatic experience with Maxx Zero and ZEM when they busted out of the lab in Celestia. After his reforging at the direction of Nazgar and his scientists, Hun-Dred locked down Celestia, and created Battlestar in his own image with one purpose: capture Maxx Zero and ZEM. With a combination of ancient technologies known only to Hun-Dred, and the secret formular from Hun-Dred's own reforging, Battlestar is given a level of sentience beyond the basic program of the Nazgar drones...and a secret ability unknown to Hun-Dred...

After Battlestar's first encounter with Maxx and ZEM that leaves him literally in pieces, the reforging formula activates, giving Battlestar the ability to rebuild himself, regardless of injury. The only permanent loss is Battlestar's original voice, which is replaced by the vocalizer located on his chest.
With first-hand knowledge of the power of Maxx Zero, Battlestar goes to the factory which is rebuilding the Zetonians into Nazgar's drones and inputs his own designs...

With the new Guardians of Celestia at his side, Battlestar's new sepulchral voice cries out through the city:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tasking the forces

Hun-Dred looked upon the rebuilt Battlestar and his Guardians of Celestia and he said, "Create MORE."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thank you!

Thanks to all the Robo Force and Mordles fans who came out and made some purchases over the last few days! It is much appreciated.  I know that you have a ton of potential fun things to purchase with all of the Kickstarters and exclusives this time of year, so the support you show does not go unnoticed.
As of this writing, the entirety of US-based orders through Tuesday have been shipped out, with the non-US orders just about ready to go and ship out on Wednesday. Combined shipping refunds will be later this week. I can't wait for you guys to get these figures in your hands - a lot of work went into this round on all sides of the equation, and I'm particularly proud of the Vanguard figure. Make sure to take it outside and look at it in the sunlight - it becomes almost a completely different figure in the ever-lovin' bright light. Getting to update the classic Star Team logo was also a blast.
You'll see some fun things pop up on the blog later this week - just because the release has occurred doesn't mean the fun is over!

On another note, there are a few things that have been on my mind that I'd like to share with you.

I find that working on toys is much like working on movies.
Very rarely are you at the start or the end once you start the machine rolling.
Time is a constant enemy. Every day you think about your products and what has to be done to get things ready in time (usually months before any other humans will see what you are working on) and there's a continuous cycle of money coming in and going out as the orders and bills roll in. By the time the product you worked on three months ago comes in, you are already working on the next products; the critical decisions are being made on the next product while the current product is shipping; and you have to take guesses as to what people will want a few months down the road while trying to process the information gleaned from the current sales. This is barring any glitches in the process.

With this in mind, I'm going to take this opportunity to let you guys know that there will not be a Robo Force release in August, and potentially not in September either. Mordles will see one release in August, with September still to be determined.
It has been a busy and chaotic year so far - I recently wrapped production on another movie, and there was a slight delay with this product release that pushed us into July. These occurrences have combined to push the next Toyfinity release (after the August Mordles) into September, possibly October at this point.

In the meantime, make sure you check out the next Onell Design release on Sunday the 27th!
It is the seventh anniversary of Glyos, and whatever they have planned, it is sure to be a blast.

Monday, July 21, 2014

While I'm body-deep in shipping....

Check out the Hun-Dred Trooper you can build from the Vanguard kit.
Hun-Dred is always trying to build out his army. You can decide what colors you want those mindless automatons to be by building them with your favorite kits!

Massive shipment going to the post office now. Look for more shipping notices later today.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Trooper? Clone? Or the real deal?

Fun pic from Matt Doughty, showing a potential version of Hun-Dred that can be built if you have the previously released red Robo Force kit, the Ultra Silver kit, and the new Battlestar kit.

Armor up!

During a raid on Celestia, Maxx Zero is horrified to find that Battlestar has destroyed hundreds of Zetonians and reforged them into his city Guardians.
While practicing Force Sync* with Vanguard, Maxx discovers a strange quirk in this reprocessed Zetonian matter - the dense Zetonian metal emblazoned with the logo of the long-forgotten STAR TEAM which each Guardian carries on his back calls to him. Maxx touches one of the Guardians, and it falls to pieces. The metal containing the symbol attaches to Maxx's chest, shifting pieces of his form to match the color of the metal.

With this newfound armor, Maxx truly is the invincible warrior of legend - but there is a catch. The armor of the Star Team, working through whatever had been infused into the original metal, burns out in seventy seconds. Using this new knowledge, Maxx gains another advantage in his quest to take Zeton back from Nazgar and Hun-Dred.

*Force Sync is a state of higher robotic consciousness achievable by Maxx Zero with any other member of the Robo Force, on a one-to-one basis, that allows him to tap into their higher functions from a remote distance. It's not easy to do and is rarely achieved.