Saturday, March 29, 2014

Super robots! Technical snafus! Deepest bluest!

Quick updates:
- tech issues have delayed shipping on the recent release from last weekend. Sorry about this! Look for a blitz on Monday. There is little more aggravating than having a hundred boxes ready to go and a certain online payment retailer not working.

- I'm at the Super Robot Giant Monster show this weekend with a bunch of the Onell crew.
Stop by if you are in Lowell Massachusetts today!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thank You!

It was another great release for Robo Force and Mordles. I’m pleased that you guys have shown the love to our Wrecker and Sentinel releases, as well as the Seas of Uzalek-based Mordles releases.

The first packages will go out Wednesday. I have been working over the last two days to arrange all of the invoices and make sure combined shipping happens for all of you. I’m looking at a way to automate this for Club Mordle members – more on this for year two of the club, on sale in May.

Sentinel has been stocked in much higher quantities – I was tired of there being no stock to purchase! I love that all of the characters can be built from this one kit – supplement your collection with a bunch of them! You guys are fanatics and we’ve sold through a really good number of them already. The next release for Mordles will be in April, with the return of Geihoza and full packs of Geists, as well as the Explorer Mordles. Robo Force should return in May or early June with three brand-new editions.

For those of you who are going to Super Robots Giant Monsters or C2E2, you'll have a chance to pick up these sold-out editions in limited quantities. See you there!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Force Enlistment Information! And Mordle details!

The time is once again here for a new heaping helping of Robo Force and Mordles goodness!
This release will occur THIS SUNDAY, March 23rd, at 9 pm EST.
We've been warning you about it for some time now - and now the time is here.
The details are as follows:

Hunter ROBO FORCE'S SENTINEL the Protector - $16
First appearance of Sentinel in the modern line!
Standard forty-one piece fully Glyos-compatible Robo Force kit which also allows you to build Maxx Zero, Hun-Dred, Enemy, or your own robotic creation! Matches the recent Ultra-Silver Glyos and Kabuto Mushi releases exactly.
No limit on quantities purchased of Sentinel. Build your Robo Force army!

DX Genesis ROBO FORCE'S WRECKER the Demolisher - $30
First appearance of Wrecker in the modern line!
The first release in our line of Deluxe Robo Force characters, this kit includes fifty-eight Glyos-compatible pieces, the full range of paint applications, and a bad attitude. #theytookhisface
He's a giant next to Maxx, and you can build any of the other standard Robo Force characters using this kit - and he GLOWS!
Limited to two per customer.

Journey beneath the Seas of Uzalek for this all-new Mordle release.

QUINHOZS Big Mordle - $15
Fear the scourge of the Seas of Uzalek in this all-new edition! Comprised of three fully Glyos-compatible vinyl parts, and includes an all-new paint application on his belly to make him more JAWSome.
Do you dare pluck him and his minions from his undersea cave (as shown in the above picture) and add them to your collection?

Seas of Uzalek Mordles Edition - $10
Includes the ten classic Mordle designs in grey color with black highlights.
You'll also be able to buy your favorite Mordle designs separately in the individual Mordle menus for $1 each.

We've also refilled the Random Mordle option.
Random Mordle packs may now include Seas of Uzalek editions, as well as Geist Mordles.

Additionally, there will be limited quantities of the above editions available at the upcoming Super Robots Giant Monsters CollectionDX show in Lowell, Massachusetts on March 29th AND - for the first time - at C2E2 on Saturday April 26th for a special appearance with the Godbeast and his crew! More details on these shows to come.

Keep your eyes on the blog here for more pics from our own DoctorKent showing off some alternate builds, the scale of Wrecker with the other characters, and perhaps a few surprises.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kabuto Mushi drop tonight!

Don't sit here listening to me - go check out the right now! On sale tonight at 8 pm CST!

Robo Force mission details later this week!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The adventure continues!
Where do we go from that shocking last page? Find out right now!

Or start from the beginning again here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NEXT ROBO FORCE/MORDLES SALE 3/23/14 at 9 PM EST! Plus, get KABUTO MUSHI to fight your Zetonians!

Hey all!

A quick announcement - the newest Robo Force and Mordles will be on sale to the general public on Sunday 3/23/14 at 9 pm EST!
More details on those to come - but this is a special month, because the Godbeast is also releasing Kabuto Mushi in complimentary colors! Get some to fight your Robo Force and Mordles - his sale is on Tuesday, March 18th at 8 pm CST.

Finally, for some sneak peeks at the new Robo Force and Mordles, check out this post on the Toyark for our table at the recent New Jersey Collectors Con!

Friday, March 7, 2014

HE'S COMING~! Plus, New Jersey Collector Con this Sunday!

Club Members will get an exclusive look at the new Mordles for March in their e-mails tonight!
Enjoy an artwork sneak peek of it above.

Also, if you are in the NJ area this weekend, be sure to swing by the New Jersey Collector Convention. Toyfinity will be there in full force with Mordles product and the first reveals anywhere of Robo Force's SENTINEL THE PROTECTOR and WRECKER THE DEMOLISHER, as well as the full reveals of the Seas of Uzalek Editions of Mordles.
You will also have the chance to win the previous two editions of Robo Force (Hun-Dred and Enemy) as door prizes! It's going to be a blast.
You'll note we have taken the store down for now since our stock will be at the show. There's nothing more fun than coming out and pawing through a bowl of Mordles to make your own perfect pack.

Things have been quiet here, but official product shots and announcement of the on-sale date for Robo Force/Mordles this month coming very soon.