Friday, July 26, 2013

Drop is LIVE~!

Get your Solar Storm and Rampaging Editions now, as well as the first-ever (and probably last) GLOW IN THE DARK MANGLOR EGG!*

*you put your Mordles in it! For now...

Friday, July 19, 2013

The next Mordles release is Friday July 26th!

 Just a quick post today!

The next Mordles release will be on Friday, July 26th at 9 pm!

Three items included for purchase:
- the RAMPAGING EDITION Mordles, featuring the COMMANDER of all Mordles, his faithful lieutenants, and seven bonus Mordles!
- SOLAR STORM Edition Mordles
- and for the first (and probably last) time ever, a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Manglor Egg!
Prices on the Mordle editions are $12 each, and the Manglor egg is $4.
I've gone over the shipping calculator with a fine Mordle-toothed comb, so shipping will be cheaper in almost all cases from the previous sale.

My pics don't do these guys justice! The colors are incredibly vibrant and I hope you love them as much as I do.
Green was a particular want of mine - probably the first color I thought about doing as soon as I obtained the rights. There were green Mordles in the original RBT box art paintings, but no Mordles were ever done in green. Now, we have them.
The pink is unreal in-hand. I don't know which of these color combos I like more!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

ROBO FORCE Comic announcement~!

I've been talking about this on podcasts I have done, but I just realized - I never officially announced that
 there is a Robo Force webcomic that will be debuting alongside the return of Robo Force later this year.

Below, a set of sample pages showing the artistry of Jerzy Drozd, utilizing the classic Robo Force designs!

The Force has never looked so good!

Jerzy is best known for his work on the graphic novel The Front: Rebirth, as well as work for Antarctic Press and Glencoe McGraw-Hill. You can follow his current non-Robo Force work at Comics Are Great. You may also known him from his online anthology inspired by classic toys and cartoons over at Sugary Serials, or the podcast The Saturday Supercast.
And if you don't already known him, visit those links now!

You're going to see a lot more Robo Force in the coming days - the new journey begins this October! And this time, Maxx is not alone...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vintage Manglors ad!

Rule for life: one must never think they know everything about a subject. There is always something more to learn and experience.

Case in point:
Thanks to good friend of Toyfinity Mark Bellomo, I received an unused Robo Force fan club packet from the 1980s. The full contents will pop up here in posts from time to time, but today's information comes courtesy of the first (and only) issue of the Robo Force Magazine, which was included in the membership packet.
Part magazine about robots, part propaganda packet for Ideal Toy Company, it marks the first and only time I have seen a print ad for Manglors...

Manglors must have sold really well in 1983 for Ideal to bring it back in 1984. They pushed the hell out of the "prehistorage egg" in the Toy Fair catalog from '84, and you can see how prominently it is featured in both this ad and the vintage Manglors commercial.

The chicken or the egg? Nope - it was a Manglor!

I had this magazine as a kid, and I don't remember this ad, but now we can all enjoy it again. I love the design work and the way it spotlights Manglodemon. It is my hope that by this time next year, we'll all have the ability to play with a brand-new Manglodemon! For now though, let's enjoy these classic examples of advertising.

Friday, July 5, 2013


Thanks so much Mordles fans!
I'm very pleased to see so many Mordles now out there in the wild, infesting your toy collections.
Can't tell you how happy I've been to see all the pics and reviews that have been popping up for Mordles around the internet.
Reintroducing a toyline to the public is always an interesting thing, and I appreciate all of the feedback, well wishes, and comments.

All orders received through Wednesday at 6 pm have shipped, so if you don't have your Mordles yet, they should be popping up in your mailboxes soon.

About the next Mordles release-
Club Mordle store opens again at 11 pm EST on Sunday July 14th. The store will close on Sunday July 21st at 9 pm. There will be three different items in this batch for you to purchase. A teaser for club members will pop up by Monday (maybe as soon as this weekend) - an e-mail will be sent out, as usual, telling you when to log-in.

Club Mordle memberships will reopen for a limited number of new members early next week. This will most likely be the last offering of club memberships in 2013.

Will the Sonesidar Mordles be included in the next release? Find out this weekend!