Saturday, August 26, 2017

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you for another great release!

This was one that was percolating behind the scenes for a while.
I mean, Classic Hun-Dred was an absolute must for the collections.
There was a question on how to do him properly at first - run each mold in the colors and then do some painting, or to go with the approach we wound up using where we painted the figure in the appropriate places. We chose the latter to give more control over how the figure would's very hard to match paint and molded plastic (as many fans of MOTU Classics could attest!) so we went with the paint method. I hope everyone likes it!
One of the fun things about the Hun-Dred kit was coming up with an alternate Maxx build using the parts - meet DRED-MAXX!

I know some of you will appreciate the first-ever tampo of the CULT OF DRED on the alternate Maxx chest on this kit.

I've been having a lot of fun with these kits - here's an unlimited build of ENEMY using one Zeroid kit from this round, one Maxx Zeroid, and one Hun-Dred.

I feel like getting Zintar out there in his fully painted configuration really showed what the Zeroid can so, so I think we'll be continuing with the other classics in the line...and maybe a few surprises...
There will probably be at least one more release this year, bringing more long-awaited editions to your shelves.

Oh yeah - I know some people wanted to see the Super Zeroid build in all its glory - here you go!

Sunday, August 20, 2017


The store is up! Click the link over to the right for all the new Toyfinity goodness.

Thanks as always to my brother in arms Matt Doughty for all of his assistance in this product round.
Shout outs also to Marc Beaudette, Jason Ho, David Gechman, Joe Moore, and Jerzy Drozd for their contributions to this release!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The quest is over - ZINTAR has been found! But will he be able to survive the assault of HUN-DRED? ROBO FORCE RETURNS!

For over a year, MAXX ZERO has been on a quest to find the PRIME ZEROIDS, in the hope that they can help him locate the rare element RYTON - the only thing that can defeat NAZGAR THE TYRANT and end his 1000 year reign of evil.

With data obtained from the FORGOTTEN ZEROID, Maxx has finally located ZINTAR THE EXPLORER on a planet far, far from ZETON. But an unexpected guest crashes the party - HUN-DRED THE CONQUEROR has found Maxx at last, recovered from his injuries and ready to settle the score with Maxx AND Zintar!
Hun-Dred will do anything to protect the long-lost secrets of the Zeroids - and the battle is ON!

The fighting is intense!
But Hun-Dred has grown too powerful under the influence of Compound 14 for even Maxx and Zintar to stop! It will take the power of twin Z-CORES to stop him, unleashing a robotic force upon the universe long rumored to exist - THE SUPER ZEROID!

This Sunday at 6 pm EST, Toyfinity returns to Zeton and Uzalek to present the following new Robo Force editions:

This was a particularly exciting project to work on, as Zintar the Explorer marks his return to toy shelves with the first new edition since 1970!
As well as the first-ever Classic Hun-Dred edition since 1984!
There is also a secret build we'll show in full tomorrow for the Super Zeroid which requires one Zintar and one Maxx Zeroid to build.
You'll also be able to build a special colorway of Nazgar with these kits plus new NAZARREN brains on sale tomorrow.

In addition, we have two new entries in the MORDLES family of products:


So join us Sunday at 6 pm EST in the Toyfinity store for these all-new editions!