Monday, May 28, 2018


Thanks to everyone for their participation in this round!

It is difficult to know what the reaction will be to certain concepts as we move forward with expanding the mythos of the Robo Force, Star Team, and Zeroids, but I want to say thanks for your support of the vision we have had to expand the Knight of Darkness and the other Knights which inhabit the Toyfinity universe - as well as the Darkness Soldiers and the various Zeroids which battle them.
When we started concentrating on getting the Classic Zeroids into the line, it was my hope that people would see the potential of these classic characters.
I'm very pleased to see the number of builds out there making them larger characters as they had been in the classic Ideal execution.

We're at an interesting time in history where oys R Us is out of business. The K-Mart I went to throughout childhood finally closed this year...but yet, here we are expanding the universe of the Robo Force. I wouldn't be able to do it without you, so please know how much I appreciate it.

See you in a couple of months for the next release!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Store is open now! ZERO POINT is live!

The store is live now!
Go add Zerak and the the Knight of Illumination to your collection, as well as a few other fun additions to the Robo Force mythos, by clicking the store link to your right.

After you are done with that, enjoy this (long in the works) teaser for the next Robo Force comic.
It's a doozy!

New release TONIGHT! Zero Point!

Maxx Zero used the tracking robot found in the library at Dorchia, an image forming in his mind of where Zerak, the missing Prime Zeroid needed to open the Zero Lock found by Zintar, was. However, Maxx's advanced weapon systems reacted to the energies of the tracking robot in an unexpected way.
During the DYNAGENESIS which had originally awakened him, Maxx Zero incorporated the weapons and systems of hundreds of different entities as a function of his unique adaptive Z-Core...but he was not given the ability (or knowledge) to access all of those weapons. The combination of the tracking robot's power and a dimensional jump mechanism stored in Maxx's bank of unknown systems teleported Maxx to Zerak's location in the blink of an eye.
Maxx found himself in an ancient space station of a construction he had never seen previously. The sounds of battle reverberated through the empty corridors, drawing Maxx's attention.
He quickly found himself in a battle of wills between a group of red Darkness Soldiers and NEO ZEROID ZERAK.
Maxx joined the fray, only to find himself attacked by Zerak!
What was this station?
Why was Zerak attacking Maxx?
Would the rest of the Robo Force find him in time?
And would any of them survive the gaze of...the Knight of Illumination?

Toyfinity returns tonight at 9 pm EST with an all-new release, including the long-awaited ZEROID ZERAK!
Add these warriors to your will need them for the war to come...