Saturday, January 31, 2015

So, Club Zeton...

In the beginning stages of  Toyfinity, I looked hard at exactly what I wanted to present to people beyond the toys themselves.

I knew I wanted comics to be part of it; animation is nice but massively expensive.  Video games are fun and I have been working on one with a known programmer in the mix, but we're far out from seeing anything playable. Live-action is certainly...a possibility.
But's always been my go-to for media properties.

My first comic, as far as I can remember, was Marvel's Star Wars move adaption in the giant Treasury-Sized Edition. Later, I had a subscription to Star Wars, followed by Gi Joe and Transformers...when I discovered an issue of X-Men (#192, featuring the Magus versus Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Rogue) at a local store, I was completely hooked on superheroes.
Beyond the stories inside, the ads inside comics were fantastic to pour over. Endless ads for stores like Heroes World, old comics stores, fan clubs, toy mailaways...who else out there was obsessed with the Star Wars Survival Kit, the Star Wars Display Arena, the COPS poster mailed to kids on Hasbro's mailing list, or even the original Robo Force fan club kit?
The six-to-eight weeks every offer seemed to take was like forever for my brother and I - but the practice worked. It kept you thinking about GoBots (Creepy) or Gi Joe (Sgt. Slaughter, among other things) during the dry times. When I was put into the driver's seat of the Ideal properties, I wanted to help other people recapture that feeling.

For Mordles, a fan club was easy. There had never been one before! There were no expected benefits, and it really amused me to have a club certificate issued by COMMANDER ZOGG of the Mordles. We also made the decision to not have Club Mordle be based around exclusive toys to keep the price reasonable, even as printed matter has increased in price to ridiculous levels.
When it came to Robo Force, I didn't want to offer something unless it felt right. Fans at the big cons I've attended over the last two years - C2E2, NYCC, NJCC, SRGM - asked "when are you doing a Robo Force club?" I didn't want people to think we were automatically going to make a club for every property. Robo Force had to be I kept thinking about it.
Now, I want to show you what I've come up with.

Club Zeton is BIG, compared to the intimacy of Club Mordle.
With Club Mordle, it doesn't matter if only five people join up - the club will exist.
The price is low, but its more about the cheesy fun of the old fan clubs - bringing back that feeling I mentioned earlier. You also get some benefits, such as the exclusive club purchasing window (some editions barely survived the club purchases!) and the Vision Mordle program to keep things exciting throughout the year.
Club Zeton, on the other hand....well, here's a list of the benefits:

- A club membership packet including a membership card and certificate.

- Ultimate Maxx Zero - Imperious Edition! Will not be available outside of the club membership. Full details next week.

- Mystery Maxx Modules! More mysterious details on these mysterious items next week!

- Lenticular stickers - two sets of them - to replicate the original "Maxx Steele" chest lights and "Maxx" logo for your modern Robo Force figures!

- Unpainted Editions offered at a discounted price!

- Ability to order any Ultimate Edition with or without the detail lines! This service will not be available to the general public.

- Guaranteed Access to Robo Force products offered by, as well as any convention exclusives offered at shows by Toyfinity directly.

- voting on the order in which you want to see the classic characters produced as Ultimate Editions!

- and, perhaps the most incredible benefit of all, a TEST SHOT of an upcoming figure from the Zetonian properties (Zeroids, S.T.A.R. Team, and Robo Force)! Did the factory mangle the most important part of the figure? Are the pins somehow off-center? You can feel just like an independent toy company owner. Whatever comes out of the steel tooling, you'll receive!
The exact figure will remain a mystery until it arrives in your mailboxes later in 2015; for now, I can only tell you it is part of the Zetonian storyline.

A final note: the club will last for SIX Robo Force releases, taking us through the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. 

I know, it all sounds fantastic. You want to know how the price.
The cost for Club Zeton is $75.00.

 Now, there is a caveat on this club which does not exist with Club Mordle.
I need a specific number of club members to move things forward.
We need one-hundred club memberships to make this happen.
That's the magic number of memberships that allows me to put everything listed above into immediate motion.

The Club Zeton membership goes on sale starting tomorrow, February 1st, and runs through
Monday, February 16th.
Check back next week for more details on specific aspects of the club.
Thank you for all of your support so far, and I look forward to taking the next steps on this journey together as part of CLUB ZETON!

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Toyfinity store is up and running again!

Update your bookmarks!

Available now to the public for the first time, the Chroniclers!
Meet Gris and the Chroniclers, and learn the price they paid for ultimate knowledge in upcoming Mordle comics!

Club Zeton post later today!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Important - heat up those Maxxes!

A quick reminder - with the Northeastern US in freezing conditions, it is important to heat up the Maxxes if you are going to:
A) build with them or
B) put together some of the leg parts properly. The factory is always striving to make the best functional product, and the hole on the center legs section is pretty tight on this round. We've seen some deformation on the pegs if you try to cram them into the center part while cold.

Here's Matt's recommended method (from the long-ago year of 2010!):

Thanks guys! If you want to use these to build with, I have a couple suggestions. Take a small box (like the folding type we send out) and cut about a 5 inch slice into a mini flap on the top of it. Throw your FEMALE parts in the box and then stick the front of a hairdryer in the flap on the top of the box (be careful) once the box is closed. After about 20-30 seconds of applied heat the box will get warm and the higher temp will soften up the hard parts. Use the rigid male limbs to assemble the figures and things should go much easier. Just heat in intervals and watch the temp on the hairdryer. 
It will make customizing easier and more efficient when using the harder figures.

You can also put the parts into boiling water, or use a hair dryer directly on the parts.
Above all else, BE CAREFUL!
Toys are supposed to be fun, not dangerous.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Big shipping day!
Because of the postal holiday yesterday, I was able to get every single Classic Maxx order packed up.
All of the US-bound packages that have had their addresses confirmed (per my e-mails last week) have shipped! So many of you should be seeing your Maxxes this week.
Still waiting for 21 confirmations so I can ship out your packages.
Pete Parnin - if you read this, shoot me an e-mail. Getting a bounce on your e-mail address.
Non-US addressed packages that have confirmed their address will ship tomorrow.

Details on Club Zeton this week!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


From my Instagram - the Maxxes have arrived!
Happy to say all the paint applications look great, and the figures feel really nice.
I think we actually increased the weight of the Ultimate Maxx with all the paint.

So, the buyers of these Maxx Editions will receive an e-mail in the next day or so with a special link asking them to confirm their addresses. Shipping should begin end of next week - in one of those strange occurrences, a box containing the switch pins for every Ultimate Maxx was not included in the order and is being rushed to Toyfinity HQ as we speak. Shipping for orders without Ultimate Maxxes will begin once the address confirmation link is confirmed.
Thanks to everyone for going on this journey with us - I'm super-excited for you to get these figures in your hands!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I hope everyone out there in Glyos and Toyfinity fandom had a safe New Year's celebration.

Just for fun, here's a nice high-quality scan of the MANGLORD box artwork from the vintage Manglors figure.

Check back next week for an update on the Ultimate Maxxes, Mordles, and...Club Zeton!