Wednesday, November 24, 2021

FAREWELL ROBO FORCE - the details!


It is time!

To wish a grand FAREWELL to Toyfinity's ROBO FORCE!

Check out the store now for a fantastic final release for Robo Force!

We will combine all pre-orders with new orders from this full release - if you are not buying any of the new items from tonight, send us an email that you would like your previous pre-orders shipped now.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Toyfinity over the years!

We hope you enjoy this final Robo Force branded release from us!

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Reinforcements on the way!

 Part of the new assortment has arrived in Toyfinity HQ!

Waiting for the rest of the pieces before we can start shipping out pre-orders - but first, you'll have the chance at the rest of the FAREWELL ROBO FORCE assortment!

The full story may never be told, but what you need to know for right now is that Maxx and Nazgar are not the only parts of the final assortment....



Tuesday, November 9, 2021

November updates!

 What a year.

We are currently in the sample stage on the final FAREWELL TO ROBO FORCE wave.

Above, see a candid picture of the Maxx Zero and Robo Force half of Nazgar that many of you have already pre-ordered. These are not final, still some tweaks to come.

Even here at Toyfinity, we have been hit by the slowdowns caused by the global pandemic. With that said, we are expecting to still be able to sell the rest of the wave and delivered the pre-ordered quantities in 2021.