Sunday, January 28, 2018

THANK YOU! Darkness Will Fall - Again!

A big THANK YOU to everyone out there who supported the latest Toyfinity release!

I have to say I was pretty stunned when I received the sellout notice on the Knight of Darkness.
We knew he was a demanded figure and we bumped the order numbers up significantly on him for this round. Currently looking at when we'll get the classic version out again (and maybe some fun variants - Scuba Gear Knight of Darkness anyone?).  If you wanted the Knight - or just more of the classic version - leave a comment on this post so I know what the demand is.
We've also heard you loud and clear - there will be more Darkness Soldiers in upcoming waves.

Above, see the combined build for Super Zobor - when Maxx Zero combines with Zeroid Zobor, a new force for good is unleashed on the universe! However, Maxx finds himself a passenger in this new more powerful body as Zobor moves to battle the Knight of Darkness...

Toyfinity should be back with another release in the first half of this year. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more great releases throughout February from the rest of the Glyos family - and jump over to the Glyos mothership at Onell Design for a great new release currently on sale.
Add the evil Redborg Syndicate to your collection today!

Ah, one last thing - Zintar the Explorer is up for an award in the Poppies this year!

Get over there and vote if you will - voting ensures Zetonian citizenship!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Store is open now!

Just click the store link to your right and attempt to stop the armies of Darkness!

DARKNESS WILL FALL! New Toyfinity Release - the Knight of Darkness, Zobor, and more!

Tonight at 9 pm EST, Toyfinity returns with a long-awaited release!


Maxx Zero has finally found Zintar the Explorer, one of the Prime Zeroids. Now they must find the other Prime Zeroids, starting with Zobor the Transporter.
Little does the Robo Force know that NAZGAR has finally called in his enforcer, his shadow battling against the light - THE KNIGHT OF DARKNESS!
But the Knight has not come alone. Accompanying him are the deadly Guardian Darkness Soldiers and the vicious Shadow Mordles!
Has Maxx Zero finally met his match? Or will his power combined with Zobor's be enough to turn the tide?

Add these fantastic new releases to your collection tomorrow at 9 PM EST- only at!