Friday, October 24, 2014

Maxx Zero Pre-Orders end Saturday! New Glyos release Sunday over at Onell HQ!

Just a reminder - pre-orders for the Classic Editions of Maxx Zero (Ultimate, Basic, and Unpainted) end tomorrow around 11 pm EST.
The response has been great! I appreciate all of the support so far.
I have checked in with the factory and everything looks great for delivery in December at this time.
I can't wait to get some production samples to show you guys!

Don't forget there is a new Onell Design Glyos System release this Sunday, including this monstrosity:

He'd look great against your Robo Force!

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  1. Any word on the Mordles fanclub kit and when the next Mordles toy drop? Was kind of hoping for a Halloween set done in orange with black highlights.