Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Invisible Warriors!

Maxx Zero left Zeton during the grieving process for a fallen friend.
He battled against the threat of Imperious Maxx and Demonslither.
He learned of the existence of the NEO ZEROIDS, and their link to the ancient past of Zeton.

Looking for answers to the origin of Zeton and the solution to rescuing his planet from the enslavement of Nazgar, Maxx quests for a crucial mechanical predecessor to the Neos - Zintar the Explorer, a legendary Prime Zeroid.

While making routine repairs to his ship on an uncharted planet, Maxx discovers a long forgotten Zeroid who has harnessed a rare element that allows him to become invisible - and its devastating effect on biological entities.
Maxx uses the element to give himself invisibility, unaware that the interaction with biological material in his own Z-Core will have unintended side effects... While Maxx, the Forgotten Zeroid, and the rest of the Force battle horrible SLIME MORDLES, Maxx begins to hallucinate, his mental circuits poisoned by the element. His eyes shift to black, his mind possibly lost... Will Maxx prevail?
Will the Slime Mordles destroy the universe?
Only you can decide!

With this release, Toyfinity closes out its fourth year of business operations. Many thanks as always to the godfather Matt Doughty for his assistance and inspiration.

What will 2017 bring? Wait and see...for now, enjoy these editions - and pick up some of the classics still available!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Choose Your Own Adventure

Next Wednesday...

Toyfinity returns with one final release in 2016.

Be ready to see Maxx in a way you have never seen him before.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Origin of the Nazarran

The forces of Darkness comb the jungle planet, backed up by the power of CRUEL the DETONATOR...

It was with great disappointment that NAZGAR the TYRANT learned of the defeat of the Darkness Soldiers by MAXX ZERO and his ROBO FORCE on the jungle planet of the HUNTER ZEROIDS.
The Zeroids, his greatest enemy...those who had taken his flesh and blood from him....their reappearance did not bode well for Nazgar's long-term plans. Even with his new body, fueled by one of the Zeroid's own Z-CORES, Nazgar still felt the fear which had creeped into his soul during the hundreds of years he was previously trapped in a small meti-plex jar. It could be no coincidence that they were seen again so close chronologically to when Maxx Zero appeared on Zeton - in a Zeroid Exploration Module to boot.
If Commander Zogg still functioned somewhere...
Nazgar resolved himself. Was he not the subjugator of worlds? The lone warrior in a crusade against the false gods of a thousand worlds? Maxx Zero - the Robo Force - the Zeroids - they were only problems to be solved.

New strategies were needed.

Nazgar left ZETON in the care of Battlestar the Guardian while Hun-Dred recovered from the Battle at Futura One. He would infiltrate the Zeroids using the transformation capabilities of his new form, in a new body lost to legend and discovered by the Cult of Dred - a "Super Zeroid".
At the same time, he sent Cruel and Brutal to the jungle planet with a simple mission: find and capture a Zeroid...for a blasphemous experiment.

Commanding a literal army of Darkness Soldiers, Brutal and Cruel stalk their prey with the dark forces at their command!
 The terrain of the jungle planet varies, necessitating the use of Hover Tanks for some of the Soldiers.
 Immense foliage hides the energy signatures of the Zeroids.
 Cruel's silent form watches over the Darkness Soldiers. He supplies a special weapon to the commander of the Darkness which will be able to stun the Zeroid, should they find one.
Brutal sings a ridiculous tune about "devil Zeroids in the tall grass" as he tears up the earth with his hooked arms.
A Zeroid darts out from its hiding place, but Brutal moves with unearthly reflexes.
"I've got one, Cruel bay-bey!" Brutal exclaims.
The Darkness Soldiers rush over, weapons at the ready.
A Magnet Blaster shot knocks one Soldier unconcious.
The hover tank moves into place, blasting the Hunter Zeroid with incredible concentrated magnetic force.
The shock sends the Zeroid into a powered down state.

Now the experiment can begin.

With the Zeroid stunned, Cruel signals through his incredible communication antennae with his dark master, Nazgar.
A short time later, a Darkness Soldier bears witness to the technological desecration to come. Nazgar has arrived! His brain rises from the shielding on top of his body, no longer stuck in a jar due to the infusion of Z-Core energy and Manglor blood!

  "Good job, my warriors." proclaims Nazgar. "The experiment can now begin."
Though Cruel did not speak, Nazgar could sense that his silent warrior enjoyed the encouragement.
 From his techno-pack, Nazgar draws a biological horror - the Nazarran, a mass of tissue derived from his own superior restructured genetics. Its programming is known only to Nazgar, but it surely does not carry good tidings for the Zeroids
The creature is attached, a secretion of biological rust agents dripping onto the metals of the Hunter Zeroid. It digs into the casing that holds the brain mechanisms of the Zeroid, attaching itself deeply, learning the secrets of body configurations, weapon capabilities.
Long dormant self-defense mechanisms take over, erasing the mind of the Zeroid before secret memories can be obtained.
The machine and the flesh become one.
 In its final moments, the Hunter Zeroid awakens, feels the pain of the Nazarran digging into its circuitry - whatever the approximation of pain the long-ago First Zeroid programmed into his progeny was equivalent to. His final thought before the creature and self-defense programming erased his mind, his personality, his soul forever was of ZEMO THE HUNTER. The Zeroid made a wish...a wish that his Zeroid patron would avenge this blasphemy against mechanical life.
The creature finished the changes in the body of the Neo Zeroid, creating a mobility system for it to move. Programmed with hate on a biological level, the Nazarran use Zeroid technology against the Prime Zeroids in a quest to subjugate the mechanical beings of the universe!

Nazgar and his warriors celebrate the blending of flesh and machine!

Will they be able to turn the tide against Maxx Zero and the Robo Force? Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Thank you to all of the fans who supported our most recent release of Robo Force, Zeroids, Mordles, and Star Team characters!
You have many choices for your collectible needs, and each and every purchase is appreciated more than you can know.
A few fans had asked for a pic of the Maxx Zero build possible with the Sentinel kit, so check out Protector Maxx Zero above!
The Nazarran and blank white kits are low stock so get them while you can.

And do not despair, supporters of the Cult of Dred...though the Robo Force has once again beaten the Darkness Soldiers, the Darkness shall Fall again...

Ah, a special thanks to Matt Doughty of Onell Design for once again allowing the Robo Force to live again. Can't do it without you, my brother.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Release - Sentinel's Last Stand!

New store is up now!

Beware the LEGION

Where the Darkness Soldiers fail, the Legion prevails!
Its an all-new Darkness Soldier edition coming this Sunday to Toyfinity!
Nazgar has tasked the Knight of Darkness to assemble some muscle for a trap he has planned for the Robo Force.
The Knight calls upon one of his most elite strike forces, usually specializing in breaking enemy strongholds, to act as the warriors Nazgar needs.
Will Maxx Zero be able to defeat the Legion?
Only you can decide!

The Robo Force Trap

Planet X'Arb'ea.
A harsh desert planet home to one abandoned former scientific outpost of the Star Team - Ranger Division.
Maxx Zero and the Robo Force have been following the path of the Prime Zeroids ever since meeting Assassin and Striker on Diavolus.
It is Maxx's belief that Zintar the Explorer holds some long-lost knowledge about ZETON and how Nazgar can be defeated for all time, leading the Force on a quest throughout the stars.
After leaving the jungle planet of the Hunter Zeroids and adding Arjox to the team, Maxx continued upon the path he felt would lead to Zintar.
It was along this path that the planet X'Arb'ea lay.
Sensors in the Star Hawk notified Maxx that unique metals from ZETON were housed in the scientific outpost.
Imagine his surprise when he found hundreds of half constructed Zetonian robots in storage at the facility, coated in a base white alloy...


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Transmission incoming

"Maxx, I'm sorry. I thought-"
"If there's time. If there's somehow time...."
"It was a trap. Don't activate t-"


Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Years ago when I was collecting these, I never could have imagined that they would ever come back.

If we did new Rocks and Bugs, which ones would you want to see the most?
No power actions, just nice solid Glyos-compatible vinyl and PVC figures.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Darkness has been defeated...for now. THANK YOU!

The Darkness Soldiers have sold out!

Thanks to everyone who came out and made a purchase last night and this morning.
All orders are packed and ready to go to the post office today! So many of you will see your packages early next week.
Truly, there is no Toyfinity without all of you.

And don't worry - Darkness Will Fall...Again.


The unexpected activation of Maxx Zero™ - and his subsequent defeat of HUN-DRED® - caused a change in Nazgar’s™ long-term plans.
Subjugating the Zetonian™ robots and finding a Z-Core to prolong his life had brought Nazgar to Zeton™; now opportunity had presented him with a functioning machine - a working Z-Core. All he had to do was catch him.

The problem was, the Cult of Dred™ did not have a standing army. The Conquest Destroyer™ was staffed by a skeleton crew of technicians and the Carren – not a warrior among them. The advanced weapons capabilities of Maxx Zero, as well as the unknown energy abilities of ZEM™, would be difficult to overcome. The initial answer came from the enslaved Zetonians; Nazgar’s “rust rain” had erased their minds and reduced them to a simple set of commands.  A Zetonian robot-construction facility was converted into a factory to build the machines of war. Each mechanoid was stripped down and outfitted with a new unified face and rudimentary Zetonian weaponry. With a set of new internal commands created by the Cult of Dred, these new Guardian robots were sent out to find Maxx Zero and destroy him. However, the limited mental capacity of the Guardians – running a program which did not give them much independent thought – was a major hindrance, along with the available raw materials for weapons on Zeton yielding only basic blasters. Nazgar tasked the Knight with finding him the perfect prototypes off-world to create a new group of elite soldiers.

The Knight of Darkness used his abilities to step between the bonds of reality to cross the dimensional barriers in his search. His second stop was inside the fortress of the sinister ECROYEX INITIATIVE, home of powerful cyborg beings bent on universal destruction. A crack team of Darkness Shadow Troopers and the Knight himself slew the Ecroyex warriors, discovering a great prize among their war machines: a new type of mechanical warrior bristling with weaponry.
This new ENEMY for Maxx Zero concealed double cannons in his chest, complimented with powerful arm blasters and a devastating retro-blaster concealed in the rear of his head.
Given more substantial programming than their predecessor Guardian robots, Enemy and his partner-in-evil ROBO FORCE’S SENTINEL THE PROTECTOR™ were given a special “Ultra Silver” laser-reflective armor coating and directives to bring back Maxx at any cost. Going against their programming, Enemy and Sentinel pursued Maxx into the wastelands beyond the city of Z-Celestia, beginning a journey which would last many years to come…

Friday, June 24, 2016


Click the store link! It's up!

Special Thanks to Onell Design for use of the Glyan and Glyarmor for the Darkness Soldier.
We did it. I had my doubts for a while there, but we did it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New release this Friday 6/24/2016 - DARKNESS WILL FALL

The long battles on Diavolus were over...
MAXX ZERO and the Robo Force had gained new friends in Neo Zeroid Assassin and Zeroid Striker, as well as a new mission: find the Prime Zeroids and unlock the secrets of planet Zeton!

The journey took Maxx, his second-in-command and hotheaded brother-in-arms Sentinel the Protector, Assassin, and Striker deep into sections of the galaxy untouched since the explorations of the STAR TEAM generations before.
The signal of a Zeroid Sensor Station drew the Force's attention; Assassin demanded they investigate, in case any Zeroid was still functioning on the planet.

Deep in the foliage of a jungle planet, the Robo Force discovered a forgotten tribe of HUNTER NEO ZEROIDS...

led by the first-constructed of Zeroid Zemo himself, ZEMORIAN (picture coming soon!).
Burnt-out circuitry and faulty memory chips had driven Zemorian into a paranoid state. He believed that any visitor to the planet was trying to take their jungle away - and would have to prove their claim to the planet by undergoing Zemo's test - the Great Hunt.

Stripped of their weapons, Maxx and the team must once again find a way to prevail over a superior foe - another impossible mission for the Robo Force!
But there was a greater problem on the horizon...
What the Hunters did not know was that another group had tracked their signal - a group that believed the resurgence of the Zeroids would lead to the destruction of the universe.
And so, it was time for the shroud of Darkness to fall once again.

The DARKNESS SOLDIERS entered the jungle with simple orders - bring back any mechanoid powered by a Z-Core (the energy source at the heart of the Prime Zeroids AND Maxx Zero) and destroy the rest.
Who will survive this conflict of wills in the primal elements of a planet untamed by technology or men?
The Hunters? The Hunted? Or a literal legion of Darkness?

The new era of Toyfinity begins here!

Monday, June 6, 2016

New Onell release TONIGHT!

Tonight the mothership Onell Design has an all-new release that you will want to scope out as a Glyos fan - including the group above and some surprises!

Stop reading this and jump over there right now!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mystery Eggs have faded into the ether!

The Mystery Eggs are sold out!
All of the original colors I made for Mordles have left Toyfinity HQ.

So I put it to you, Mordle fans - what colors do you want to see next?
Let me know in the comments section.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sentinel is going away!

We're down to the last stock of Hunter Sentinel - once he's gone, he's gone for good in this colorway!

I had ordered a tremendous amount of stock on this guy back in 2014 to make sure we'd have something in the store for a long, long time - and he's officially our best-selling figure ever! Thanks to everyone who discovered Robo Force over the years and ordered as many as ten of this guy at a time.

We're still on track for new product late May/early June - stay tuned!

Thursday, February 11, 2016


You guys are fantastic!

Nazgar, Assassin and Striker are sold out, and thank you for validating my faith in the idea of moving ahead with new figures.
It is difficult to be in this business. The rewards are intense - I like making things and knowing people are having fun collecting and building with them - but there is always that risk that a new product won't go over as well as one would like.
We don't have that here.

It's going to be a while before you see any new product out of Toyfinity, with Chinese New Year shutting the factories down, but look for more Toyfinity fun around May of this year!

Friday, February 5, 2016



With his acquisition of a Z-Core, the most powerful energy source for mechanical beings in the known universe, Nazgar is able to shed his old life-sustaining biosuit and create an entirely new form for himself out of Zeroid technology. Will MAXX ZERO and the Robo Force be able to stop him?

Nazgar was the legendary unreleased "big bad" of the Robo Force line, shown in the 1985 Ideal Catalog but never released - and now you can own him in an all-new Glyos System compatible form!

This is a very special release for Toyfinity, as we are also adding THE ZEROIDS to our catalog of figures.
These "worker robots of the future" were a popular franchise for Ideal in the 60s and 70s as part of S.T.A.R. Team, and now they are back to assist Maxx Zero in the battle against the Cult of Dred!

Nazgar, Neo Zeroid Assassin, and Zeroid Striker go on sale THIS SUNDAY February 7th at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time.
Nazgar is $35, includes the special first edition Nazgar head as shown in the picture (not available anywhere else), and allows you to build two figures at the same time: Nazgar and the Nazguardian/Technician Zeroid.

Zeroid Striker is $20.

Neo Zeroid Assassin is $14.

Continue your Robo Force and Zeroids collections with these all-new items!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Neo Zeroid Assassin has an assistant in his divine mission - ZEROID STRIKER.
 This older-model Zeroid was created long ago, and serves as protector and soldier to Assassin.
And Assassin needs him, because they are constantly being thwarted by...
This mechanoid and his assistants, the TECHNICIAN ZEROIDS, are on the same quest for Zeroid technology, though Assassin cannot recognize the design of SZB from his database...not that he has been able to contact Zintar The Explorer for a number of years now to discern the origin of SZB.

Monday, February 1, 2016


After their reawakening on a strange beast-filled world, with the loss of their history and knowledge, the Zeroids looked to reestablish themselves in the universe.
Led by ZINTAR THE EXPLORER and ZERAK THE DESTROYER, the Zeroids escaped into space in a barely-functioning makeshift Exploration Module and began a search for a new home to replace their lost Planet Zero.

Many years later....
The Zeroid Ascendancy has been fractured.
Key philosophical differences between Zintar and Zerak, without the firm claws of COMMANDER ZOGG to guide them, have led to different evolutionary paths for these mechanical wonders. The tribes of the Prime Zeroids have gone their own ways, interacting very little over the interceding years.  

NEO ZEROID ASSASSIN, modeled after the Neo form of his patron Zintar, is charged with one mission:
recovering Zeroid technology from the hands of the organics - or destroying it.
Assassin employs the newest in Zeroid technology - a Magnet Blaster replaces the old Magnet Hand, turning it into a powerful weapon against all types of life, while the magnetic generator tied to his Beta Core allows him to float over most surfaces.
He lives in a natural state of distrust after the instances of sheer ignorance he has witnessed from other beings. He hopes to one day return the artifacts he and his partner have found to Zintar...though it has been many years since Zintar has returned a communication. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

The return of...THE ZEROIDS!

Before the ROBO FORCE®...
Before the STAR TEAM®...
there were - THE ZEROIDS!®

The 60s were the beginning of action figures as we know them - and since Major Matt Mason was based  on NASA reality, it fell to Colorforms and Ideal to expand the cosmic world children could experience with THE OUTER SPACE MEN® and ZEROIDS.

These Worker Robots of the Future had a spectacular run at the dawn of action figure history, returning briefly to toy shelves as part of the STAR TEAM in combat with the evil KNIGHT OF DARKNESS™... but they have been dormant ever since - until now.

When MAXX ZERO™ activates the Ancient Constructs, a long forgotten signal is sent that no modern robotic entity can decode - but it is heard by the ZEROIDS!
Will they be friends to the Robo Force...or enemies?

The Zeroids return in an all-new Glyos®-compatible form, adding to the new Zetonian mythos.
Use them with the existing Robo Force kit and unlock even more new robotic creations!
The first release is coming later this month!
But if you joined CLUB ZETON, you'd already have received the test shot shown below!
As always, special thanks to MATT DOUGHTY and RON D. for their roles in the rebirth of the ZEROIDS!