Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Darkness has been defeated...for now. THANK YOU!

The Darkness Soldiers have sold out!

Thanks to everyone who came out and made a purchase last night and this morning.
All orders are packed and ready to go to the post office today! So many of you will see your packages early next week.
Truly, there is no Toyfinity without all of you.

And don't worry - Darkness Will Fall...Again.


The unexpected activation of Maxx Zero™ - and his subsequent defeat of HUN-DRED® - caused a change in Nazgar’s™ long-term plans.
Subjugating the Zetonian™ robots and finding a Z-Core to prolong his life had brought Nazgar to Zeton™; now opportunity had presented him with a functioning machine - a working Z-Core. All he had to do was catch him.

The problem was, the Cult of Dred™ did not have a standing army. The Conquest Destroyer™ was staffed by a skeleton crew of technicians and the Carren – not a warrior among them. The advanced weapons capabilities of Maxx Zero, as well as the unknown energy abilities of ZEM™, would be difficult to overcome. The initial answer came from the enslaved Zetonians; Nazgar’s “rust rain” had erased their minds and reduced them to a simple set of commands.  A Zetonian robot-construction facility was converted into a factory to build the machines of war. Each mechanoid was stripped down and outfitted with a new unified face and rudimentary Zetonian weaponry. With a set of new internal commands created by the Cult of Dred, these new Guardian robots were sent out to find Maxx Zero and destroy him. However, the limited mental capacity of the Guardians – running a program which did not give them much independent thought – was a major hindrance, along with the available raw materials for weapons on Zeton yielding only basic blasters. Nazgar tasked the Knight with finding him the perfect prototypes off-world to create a new group of elite soldiers.

The Knight of Darkness used his abilities to step between the bonds of reality to cross the dimensional barriers in his search. His second stop was inside the fortress of the sinister ECROYEX INITIATIVE, home of powerful cyborg beings bent on universal destruction. A crack team of Darkness Shadow Troopers and the Knight himself slew the Ecroyex warriors, discovering a great prize among their war machines: a new type of mechanical warrior bristling with weaponry.
This new ENEMY for Maxx Zero concealed double cannons in his chest, complimented with powerful arm blasters and a devastating retro-blaster concealed in the rear of his head.
Given more substantial programming than their predecessor Guardian robots, Enemy and his partner-in-evil ROBO FORCE’S SENTINEL THE PROTECTOR™ were given a special “Ultra Silver” laser-reflective armor coating and directives to bring back Maxx at any cost. Going against their programming, Enemy and Sentinel pursued Maxx into the wastelands beyond the city of Z-Celestia, beginning a journey which would last many years to come…

Friday, June 24, 2016


Click the store link! It's up!

Special Thanks to Onell Design for use of the Glyan and Glyarmor for the Darkness Soldier.
We did it. I had my doubts for a while there, but we did it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New release this Friday 6/24/2016 - DARKNESS WILL FALL

The long battles on Diavolus were over...
MAXX ZERO and the Robo Force had gained new friends in Neo Zeroid Assassin and Zeroid Striker, as well as a new mission: find the Prime Zeroids and unlock the secrets of planet Zeton!

The journey took Maxx, his second-in-command and hotheaded brother-in-arms Sentinel the Protector, Assassin, and Striker deep into sections of the galaxy untouched since the explorations of the STAR TEAM generations before.
The signal of a Zeroid Sensor Station drew the Force's attention; Assassin demanded they investigate, in case any Zeroid was still functioning on the planet.

Deep in the foliage of a jungle planet, the Robo Force discovered a forgotten tribe of HUNTER NEO ZEROIDS...

led by the first-constructed of Zeroid Zemo himself, ZEMORIAN (picture coming soon!).
Burnt-out circuitry and faulty memory chips had driven Zemorian into a paranoid state. He believed that any visitor to the planet was trying to take their jungle away - and would have to prove their claim to the planet by undergoing Zemo's test - the Great Hunt.

Stripped of their weapons, Maxx and the team must once again find a way to prevail over a superior foe - another impossible mission for the Robo Force!
But there was a greater problem on the horizon...
What the Hunters did not know was that another group had tracked their signal - a group that believed the resurgence of the Zeroids would lead to the destruction of the universe.
And so, it was time for the shroud of Darkness to fall once again.

The DARKNESS SOLDIERS entered the jungle with simple orders - bring back any mechanoid powered by a Z-Core (the energy source at the heart of the Prime Zeroids AND Maxx Zero) and destroy the rest.
Who will survive this conflict of wills in the primal elements of a planet untamed by technology or men?
The Hunters? The Hunted? Or a literal legion of Darkness?

The new era of Toyfinity begins here!

Monday, June 6, 2016

New Onell release TONIGHT!

Tonight the mothership Onell Design has an all-new release that you will want to scope out as a Glyos fan - including the group above and some surprises!

Stop reading this and jump over there right now!