Friday, June 23, 2023

Thank you! Shipping complete! PowerCon! and more

Just a reminder of what the original Manglord looked like!

Wow, thank you all for another solid round of Manglors action!

After the amazing response to the reorder pre-order, I'm satisfied to see your response to the buildout of the Manglors world with the arrival of the Dactylian Acolytes. The tribes of Uzalek are slowly forming, awaiting the arrival of their gods...and assembling armies to battle the devils from the sky, the Kaisyriax. 

My apologies for the delays in shipping orders on a longer-than-usual timeframe for this round. I appreciate your patience! 

The next edition of the Manglord should arrive around August this year, giving you another challenger to the rulership of Uzalek. August should be interesting this year - in case you had not heard, representatives of Toyfinity will be in attendance at POWERCON for the first time. We have plans to showcase some fun things there! 

(no, we're not making Manglor Mountain again. At least not this year!)

Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Manglord returns! A new enemy reveals himself! Wave 1.5 in-stock!

Tonight, Toyfinity returns with the in-stock sale of wave 1.5 - along with the all-new Dactylian Acolyte and his Dactylian Mordles!

Get them now in the Toyfinity store

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Shipping complete! What's next...


Thanks to Friends of the Manglord Jonathon Alvis and Alicia Alvis for the amazing pics of the Manglord traversing the distant lands of New Zealand at the Hokitika Gorge! Very inspirational for the depths of greens and imagining the war of the Manglors throughout the universe. More pics to come from this unique set of photos.

All packages outside of the few Canada orders have been shipped!

The remaining stock of Protolord, Protomordles, and the Standard Manglord will be on sale later in May.

Keep creating and sharing those Manglor builds on social media! I am amazed daily with the wide variety of things I see built using these parts. 

Monday, April 24, 2023

The order has arrived! MANGLORD IN THE US! Pre-orders start shipping this week!

Our fantastic factory has delivered the goods to Toyfinity HQ- the reorder Manglord and Protolord will begin shipping this week!

If anyone has need for changes to their orders, send me an email ASAP either through the Shopify contact form or via reply to your original order email.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Onell Design Wave 97 - EMD! Featuring Manglors and Zeroids!


The Manglord returns - to battle the warriors and adventurers of Glyos once more!

Featuring the return of Rynevo!

Available now at  the Glyos mothership!

See more details here - EMD Wave