Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Invisible Warriors!

Maxx Zero left Zeton during the grieving process for a fallen friend.
He battled against the threat of Imperious Maxx and Demonslither.
He learned of the existence of the NEO ZEROIDS, and their link to the ancient past of Zeton.

Looking for answers to the origin of Zeton and the solution to rescuing his planet from the enslavement of Nazgar, Maxx quests for a crucial mechanical predecessor to the Neos - Zintar the Explorer, a legendary Prime Zeroid.

While making routine repairs to his ship on an uncharted planet, Maxx discovers a long forgotten Zeroid who has harnessed a rare element that allows him to become invisible - and its devastating effect on biological entities.
Maxx uses the element to give himself invisibility, unaware that the interaction with biological material in his own Z-Core will have unintended side effects... While Maxx, the Forgotten Zeroid, and the rest of the Force battle horrible SLIME MORDLES, Maxx begins to hallucinate, his mental circuits poisoned by the element. His eyes shift to black, his mind possibly lost... Will Maxx prevail?
Will the Slime Mordles destroy the universe?
Only you can decide!

With this release, Toyfinity closes out its fourth year of business operations. Many thanks as always to the godfather Matt Doughty for his assistance and inspiration.

What will 2017 bring? Wait and see...for now, enjoy these editions - and pick up some of the classics still available!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Choose Your Own Adventure

Next Wednesday...

Toyfinity returns with one final release in 2016.

Be ready to see Maxx in a way you have never seen him before.