Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sentinel is going away!

We're down to the last stock of Hunter Sentinel - once he's gone, he's gone for good in this colorway!

I had ordered a tremendous amount of stock on this guy back in 2014 to make sure we'd have something in the store for a long, long time - and he's officially our best-selling figure ever! Thanks to everyone who discovered Robo Force over the years and ordered as many as ten of this guy at a time.

We're still on track for new product late May/early June - stay tuned!


  1. Will a new "amassable" figure like him take his place?

  2. Did I miss an Ultimate version of Hen-Dred? I have been woefully out of touch.


  3. Ooh, an ultimate (and basic) version of Hun-Dred will be cool! I'll make sure to keep my eyes out for that.