Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mystery Eggs have faded into the ether!

The Mystery Eggs are sold out!
All of the original colors I made for Mordles have left Toyfinity HQ.

So I put it to you, Mordle fans - what colors do you want to see next?
Let me know in the comments section.


  1. Forest green with yellow eyes, teeth and claws
    Vintage blue with white eyes, teeth and claws
    Manglors colors like the onel tribute color set
    Gold Mordles
    Silver Mordles

    There you go I'm sure come up with more

  2. Manglor colors like Onel would be wonderus.
    How about color changing?
    I think it would be cool to have ones that are clear with little pices of a bunch of other colors suspended in it. Or a Large Mordel with a smaller ones inside of it.
    Or Attack of the Neon.

  3. Manglor colors would be cool. I would also think warm gray with either black or red-orange eyes and nails would looks cool.

  4. Would love to see a translucent one with a skeleton inside. Like those old Visible Man/Woman models.

  5. Any sort of bright indigo.

  6. Can't go wrong with translucent slimer green with yellow eyes nothing else heck a few waves of translucent ghost colors would be cool but for ghostbusters start with slimer green :D

  7. I second the Color changing! That'd be awesome!!!

    Also the Pink Neo Nonillia w/ blue eyes and toes or Pyrotellica w/ Silver details with sparkles would be fun!

    Turquoise, light blue from last Mushi drop, Red Orange from last EMP drop, cloudy clear like the Bio Paralyzer w/ Silver details, I second the translucent slimer green.

    Hell any new Mordels would be sweet!!!

  8. Maybe some bone whites, ivories, or pukey greens? If you are going with onell colors, bio paralyzer with silver paint apps. the translucent ghostbusters colors is an lovely idea. Or maybe copy the colors of the little "monster flesh" or "living ice" kits of the '80s mad scientist line.

  9. What it be possible to make Mordles from photo-reactive or thermo-reactive plastic because that would be cool.

  10. SLIME GREEN WITH RED EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Clear green with gold glitter suspended (or any other color/glitter type).

  12. Color changing! Yes!
    I also love any translucent colors you've come up with. I think that's why I liked then dying those clear ones any color. That all come out so vibrant.

  13. Manglor Mutation colors are at the very top of my Mordles wish list.

  14. Manglor Mutation colors are at the very top of my Mordles wish list.