Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Store is open now!

Just click the store link to your right and attempt to stop the armies of Darkness!


  1. Nooo I cannot believe I missed the Knight of Darkness! PLEASE tell me there will be another run of him? Just an hour late...

  2. Damn, that was fast! Awesome drop Doc, very psyched to finally see the release of these new Darkness soldiers and the Knight himself.

    Curious, why the switch to the Neo Sincroid head this round? Very psyched to be able to get a the final version, been kinda missing that head for a while now, just wondering, will we ever see the Neo Sincroid heads for the previous two Darkness soldier releases? Were those produced and just not used?

    Would have liked to get more this round, but had to watch the wallet. I hope those blanks stick around as well as Zobor, like to snag another couple of him. Love everything about this drop, except for maybe what Jason S. mentioned above, MORE KNIGHT OF DARKNESS, you could always do a Navy Blue version!

    1. Also, really hoping someone does a Phantom of the Paradise custom from these! I've been thinking since day one that this head is similar to Winslow/The Phantoms helmet! No surprise that the Original Knight was released in 77' Phantom was Release in 74', wonder if there was any aesthetic influence on sculptor?

  3. Are there going to be more of the Knights of Darkness figure? I didn't even know this was happening until I saw the link on Toyark this morning! I still have my original from the 70s! Or what's left of him anyway.

  4. These figures look even better in hand, really love the additional parts from the Dark Traveler as a bonus. Also genius idea to run that Darkness soldier head in the Copper colorway!

  5. This happened and I missed it?

    Son of a...