Wednesday, January 17, 2018

DARKNESS WILL FALL! New Toyfinity Release - the Knight of Darkness, Zobor, and more!

Tonight at 9 pm EST, Toyfinity returns with a long-awaited release!


Maxx Zero has finally found Zintar the Explorer, one of the Prime Zeroids. Now they must find the other Prime Zeroids, starting with Zobor the Transporter.
Little does the Robo Force know that NAZGAR has finally called in his enforcer, his shadow battling against the light - THE KNIGHT OF DARKNESS!
But the Knight has not come alone. Accompanying him are the deadly Guardian Darkness Soldiers and the vicious Shadow Mordles!
Has Maxx Zero finally met his match? Or will his power combined with Zobor's be enough to turn the tide?

Add these fantastic new releases to your collection tomorrow at 9 PM EST- only at!

1 comment:

  1. Very excited for this drop, love the look of both the Knight and his Guardian soldiers, also those two batches of Mordles are fantastic! And that all on top of two new Roboforce figures? Knocking it way out of the park this drop!