Tuesday, December 10, 2013

THE HOUSE OF FUN is now online!

With Christmas coming up, there are plenty of collectors in your life who need more toys!
What better place to buy them from than the House of Fun in Oaklyn NJ!
Chris, the proprietor of the House of Fun, has recently opened an online version of his incredible store - some fantastic deals to be had there on new and vintage products, such as:
 A boxed and complete Gi Joe Ice Snake for TWENTY EIGHT BUCKS! Get this underrated late series Gi Joe vehicle for almost nothing!
G1 Transformers SLUDGE just $120! So minty, I almost cried looking at its beauty. Arrived in a lot where the provenance was direct - some of the Dinobots in this set (sooooo beautiful) still had Lionel stickers on the boxes!

And much much more!
One benefit of going to the House of Fun in person is that they still have stock of sold out Toyfinity products like the Robo Force Genesis Edition and Imbalance of Blood Mordle - which can only be bought in person at the store (no phone or internet sales on those items). Just one more great reason to take a trip there. If you collect multiple lines and can't find something for a great price at the House of Fun, you aren't looking hard enough!

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