Thursday, December 12, 2013

So, what was Robo Force known as outside the US in the 80s?

When US properties are taken around the world, names change frequently.
Such was the case with Robo Force in the 80s, where it was sold in many other countries as THE ROBOTS!
 Thanks to Toyfinitarian Paul McConnell for the images!
It's also unusual to see these carded!
A fun fact - Coptor was part of the evil Robots to even out the sides with five robots each. Maybe that will carry over into the new storylines...

If anyone out there in Toyfinity land has a carded Sentinel along these lines, hit me up!


  1. Great shots - are these the UK versions? As you know, they were ROBOTS here in Australia... and I've not seen a carded ROBOTS in Aus. To be honest, I thought they came in boxes here akin to their Robo Force cousins as I vaguely remember them being stacked on display in shops, rather than hanging, but I could be mistaken. Regardless, neat to see more ROBOTS in their 'native environment' ;)

  2. Yeah the name is super creative and striking. I've never seen them carded before like that though, I thought I seen them called the Robots but in a box

    BTW, LOVED The new comic page!! The little Easter eggs like the Starrior and that certain artifact laying next to him. So if that guy on the table is who I think it is, we have a conformation of another line you have. :)

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the figure. It was a random find on EBay a while back, and I was stoked to find one with the UK branding- it's not an easy line to look for over here (try looking up "robots toy" on EBay!), but I had such a love for these when I was younger.
    Anyway, happy new year, and wish me luck in getting hold of one of the new Roboforce toys next run!