Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Big Ship

 The logistics of moving hundreds of boxes out to people is an interesting one!
 Here's me, during the beginning 20% of the process.

 What the house looks like after the Fed Ex truck drops off the product.

 You can't pack hundreds of Hun-Dred's without watching a film from our greatest living American actor.

Of course the cat is going to make himself comfy under a box you keep dropping 9 oz robots into.

The secret of making a random pack!

 Enemy is aggravated that I shipped away so many of his clone warriors. He'll have to get over it.

I'm told this is too much butter for my rice. And apparently Trixie wants my Dr. Pepper.

 Tools of the trade.


 Toyfinity member Mr. X wonders why I am taking his picture.

 A small selection of boxes, ready to go to the post office, seconds before my counter imploded from roboty awesomeness.

 Striking a pose.

Coming in 2014! The new Vulgar and Cruel! (not shown above)

 A well-earned packing victory dinner.

More boxes go out tomorrow. Thanks for your patience! Can't wait to see what you guys and gals think of the stuff.


  1. I love the behind-the-scenes pictures! Keeping it real :) (and awesome retro Pitfall shirt, too)

  2. Nice, I put about that much butter on one slice of toast :)

  3. Man, that was fast! Figures arrived today and I LOVE 'em! I'm gona go crazy trying to figure out how to use the extras with some Glyos stuff. Otherwise It has everything I loved about the design of the old Robo Force with some great added details. Thanks for being awesome, man!

  4. You know, I feel I've probably given you a hard time on other sites, complaining at one point about the lack of suction cups and more recently about the short window of availability for the figures. But I finally got my hands on my first Toyfinity Robo Force figure - Enemy - through eBay and I have to say I was completely blown away. The durability, design and fun level of this thing is just amazing. I cannot wait to get more. And I apologize for sometimes being a curmudgeon. It's obvious you really love this project and are doing your best to make it succeed.

    1. I too feel I gave John K. a hard time in the beginning. I absolutely hated the fact that these were Glyos compatible toys, and not their own unique toyline. But once I received Hun-Dred and Enemy last week, I've completely changed my stance. I really regret missing the Genesis set now.

  5. Awesome behind the scenes shots Doc, there really is an immense amount of work that goes into these toy drops. I've only dealt with small releases of my custom figures and even sending 12+ packages out was taxing...I can only imagine what orders of that size can do. O_o....

    There is also something tremendously satisfying to see Enemy, Maxx Zero & Hun-Dredd with legs on that shelf. They just look....right. You really nailed this one out of the park Doc, both you & Matt have outdone yourselves this time.

    Keep up the awesome work & I can't wait to see what other colorways are coming down the pipe for these new Robo Force toys. I'm all over a retro 1980'a colorways on all of them.