Wednesday, June 25, 2014


 Congrats to October Toys on their successful Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter!
The Robo Force look forward to battling Titan Skeletons later this year.
A giant skeleton will also give you some interesting possibilities with the upcoming MANGLORS figures.

And additionally, it's awesome that Traveler Skeleden will be made as well!
He just looks like the type who'd be out there battling some Mordles, doesn't he?

Speaking of Mordles...
 You have until Monday 11:59 pm to get your Club Mordle membership for year two! There will be no extensions. The first club sale begins next week! Club Members should look for an e-mail tomorrow with some details.

Finally, the Mordle and Robo Force sale for June has been bumped to July.
Sorry for the delay - when you see the figures and the amount of new paint on Vanguard, you'll understand!


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    1. Sorry Samuel! E-mail wasn't sent out yet. Sale will be this week!

  2. Vanguard is a new member of the Robo Force you'll meet very soon!

  3. Those Titans are going to be awesome to pose fighting Robo Force members and even the jumbo Mordles!!