Monday, June 2, 2014

New Kabuto Mushi are here! And Glyaxia ascends!
If you haven't already, jump over to the Godbeast's site and get some of the new Kabuto Mushi figures! They just launched last night, and you need some radioactive bug monsters in your toy collection! Make them fight Mordles! The Mordles need a warm-up with the Manglors on the horizon...

Also, if you didn't get some already, you need some Glyaxia figures from Onell Design:
the next release of Robo Force will thank you for it! (late June)

Stay tuned this week for the roll-out of Club Mordle! We held it back for a reason...previews of the new wave you'll be guaranteed a chance at by joining Club Mordle.


  1. My KM order arrived today! Done great choices in this round! And I do love me some Glyaxia!!!

    1. Thanx Dan!!! I appreciate your biz and I am glad you dig the colorways. We ALL try hard to make colorways that collectors will enjoy, but, you just never know until collectors post and tell ya. ;) So thanx again! I cannot wait for the next RoboForce colorways...they should be KILLER!!! TGB