Friday, June 13, 2014

CLUB MORDLE YEAR TWO is up and ready to go!

PURPOSE: Club Mordle is here to evoke the memories of those classic fan clubs and membership packets from classic toy lines of the 1980s!
It also allows members to be guaranteed the chance to purchase at least one of each and every non-exclusive release MORDLES action figure, set, and accessory!

HOW IT WORKS: Toyfinity Toys plans to release a number of different Mordles related products in 2014, continuing through June of 2015.
The first release in this club term will be JUNE/JULY 2014.
To join Club Mordle, go to the Toyfinity store and purchase the Club Mordle membership. The cost of membership is $20 in 2014.
You'll be provided a special membership packet in a future Mordles product order (estimated shipping date: September 2014) that will evoke memories of the classic fan club kits.
There are no toy-based products included in the Club Mordle kit.
Members will have the opportunity to vote on at least one future Mordle colorway, as well as receive the hottest Mordle information before anyone else.
As we are going into our second year, it should be pretty clear what Club Mordle has to offer - including the VISION MORDLE program!
Because of the way the Mordle colors are chosen, there are times when "test shots" of colorways Toyfinity is not going to produce are created.
Instead of these laying around Toyfinity HQ, we pass them along to you!

THE SPECIFICS: Mordles love to hatch in groups! But sometimes, they hatch all by themselves.
As such, a release may consist of one single Mordle figure, Mordles with special Glyos accessories, or multiple packs of Mordles in special colorways or designs.
The cost for each Mordles product will vary depending on what is included in the product - number of Mordles, paint decos, and so on.
Unlike other subscriptions, Toyfinity Toys is NOT locking you into purchasing product blindly or guaranteeing sales to Toyfinity in advance (unless the item is specifically listed as a "pre-order").
Here's how the Club will work:
- Purchase the Club Mordle membership during the membership term, which is today through June 30th 2014.
- Toyfinity Toys will e-mail Club members with the e-mail address provided by your PayPal purchase of Club Mordle.
- Club Mordle members will be provided a link to the Club Mordle store. It will be open for approximately one week, with specific dates announced for each sale.
- Each member will be allowed to make ONE and ONLY ONE purchase PER MEMBERSHIP from the store during this time. You do not have to purchase every item! But you cannot update quantities once you check out. You are guaranteed to be allowed to purchase at least one of every item in the store, sometimes more as quantities allow. Limits will be listed when applicable.
- No product will be held for Club Mordle members beyond the date the store closes.
- Club memberships are only available to US addresses. If you are a non-US person who wishes to join Club Mordle, please e-mail me.
- DEMANDED BY THE FANS! This year, you are allowed to purchase as many as THREE Club memberships. Each Membership will have its own Membership Number.
Each Membership is treated as a separate entity - combined shipping is not possible over multiple memberships purchased by the same person.
- Club memberships will run from June 2014 through May 30th, 2015.
And that's it! Enjoy the preview of the first release in June this year you'll have the first crack at getting, and see you in the Great Jungle!


  1. So happy my head might explode! Hoping to see a vote for pearlescent white with blood read paint! But as it is I'm down for any sets as long as you make them I'm game! Not toention that new sculpt you were talking about! I don't know how to for the emoticon to emulate my current stat of joy lol

  2. I signed up last night. Seeing as how there won't be a second chance to join after June 30th, I am soooo happy that those of us last year who missed the first membership drive were given a second chance. I'd have hated to have missed out on the great 2013 club package. I love everything Toyfinity has made so far and can't wait to see what comes next.

  3. Sweet! I'm getting a total Pac-Man vibe from that pic. I'll be signing up in a few days when I can get $ over to my friend who orders for me cause I don't have a Paypal account. I didn't know the Mordles existed til NYCC last year so it will be nice to on the ground floor this time around. Thanks again John for making what was basically fodder for an old toyline into one of the most fun lines available today to collect.

  4. As soon as I saw the updated page a got my membership, I am really looking froward to seeing any surprises we get to see as members of club mordle an looking forward to giving feedback. So about when dose the club mordle shop open?

  5. I hope (& beg) you Dr. Kent that you don't have the next Robo Force drop on 6/22/14 as I am away that night & I need my Robo Force!!