Friday, July 5, 2013


Thanks so much Mordles fans!
I'm very pleased to see so many Mordles now out there in the wild, infesting your toy collections.
Can't tell you how happy I've been to see all the pics and reviews that have been popping up for Mordles around the internet.
Reintroducing a toyline to the public is always an interesting thing, and I appreciate all of the feedback, well wishes, and comments.

All orders received through Wednesday at 6 pm have shipped, so if you don't have your Mordles yet, they should be popping up in your mailboxes soon.

About the next Mordles release-
Club Mordle store opens again at 11 pm EST on Sunday July 14th. The store will close on Sunday July 21st at 9 pm. There will be three different items in this batch for you to purchase. A teaser for club members will pop up by Monday (maybe as soon as this weekend) - an e-mail will be sent out, as usual, telling you when to log-in.

Club Mordle memberships will reopen for a limited number of new members early next week. This will most likely be the last offering of club memberships in 2013.

Will the Sonesidar Mordles be included in the next release? Find out this weekend!


  1. Woo-hoo! Beth & I are excited about the next release Doc! She loves the Mordles and absconded with my dark blue set and Manglor egg! Can't wait to add more to our collection, my RBT toys already ate the last batch! ;-D

    Also can't wait to see what colors you have planned, I'm hoping for a few different colorways but the Sonesidar ones I totally need to have. O_O

  2. Bring on the green mordles!