Thursday, July 18, 2013

ROBO FORCE Comic announcement~!

I've been talking about this on podcasts I have done, but I just realized - I never officially announced that
 there is a Robo Force webcomic that will be debuting alongside the return of Robo Force later this year.

Below, a set of sample pages showing the artistry of Jerzy Drozd, utilizing the classic Robo Force designs!

The Force has never looked so good!

Jerzy is best known for his work on the graphic novel The Front: Rebirth, as well as work for Antarctic Press and Glencoe McGraw-Hill. You can follow his current non-Robo Force work at Comics Are Great. You may also known him from his online anthology inspired by classic toys and cartoons over at Sugary Serials, or the podcast The Saturday Supercast.
And if you don't already known him, visit those links now!

You're going to see a lot more Robo Force in the coming days - the new journey begins this October! And this time, Maxx is not alone...


  1. This is awesome news! Between mordles and now this, my head is almost ready to explode from sheer excitement! Toyfinity is quickly earning legendary status in my book, and I'm sure among all other 80s niche collectors, as well.

  2. I don't remember Rock & Bugs & Things(although I've still bought all of the Mordles so far since they're so cool looking).

    I remember thinking Manglors were cool looking, but I never had any as a kid.

    Robo Force, on the other hand, has always been at the top of my list of 80's franchises that needed to come back. Considering I figured we'd see M.A.S.K., C.O.P.S., Sectaurs, or even Centurions again before that ever happened, I am both shocked & excited that Maxx Steele has actually been resurrected.

    I also have to say how gorgeous that comic art is. Speaking as a huge MOTU fan who has been nothing but disappointed in He-Man's current DC comic, it looks like Robo Force will actually be treated like an A-lister for once.

  3. WHOA! Awesome artwork!! I'm very curious to see where the Robo Force brand is going to be heading, it's been forever since these came out so seeing them back is very surreal. I know personally I'd like to see some of the Un-released Series 2 figures (specifically Fangar) make the cut. Still very excited to see what the new toys will be Doc, but I know whatever it'll be it's in good hands. 8-)