Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vintage Manglors ad!

Rule for life: one must never think they know everything about a subject. There is always something more to learn and experience.

Case in point:
Thanks to good friend of Toyfinity Mark Bellomo, I received an unused Robo Force fan club packet from the 1980s. The full contents will pop up here in posts from time to time, but today's information comes courtesy of the first (and only) issue of the Robo Force Magazine, which was included in the membership packet.
Part magazine about robots, part propaganda packet for Ideal Toy Company, it marks the first and only time I have seen a print ad for Manglors...

Manglors must have sold really well in 1983 for Ideal to bring it back in 1984. They pushed the hell out of the "prehistorage egg" in the Toy Fair catalog from '84, and you can see how prominently it is featured in both this ad and the vintage Manglors commercial.

The chicken or the egg? Nope - it was a Manglor!

I had this magazine as a kid, and I don't remember this ad, but now we can all enjoy it again. I love the design work and the way it spotlights Manglodemon. It is my hope that by this time next year, we'll all have the ability to play with a brand-new Manglodemon! For now though, let's enjoy these classic examples of advertising.


  1. Manglors were awesome! I had Manglord and the purple T-Rex as a kid. I remember ripping off one of Manglord's legs and losing it. I was so crushed. I check eBay once and a while for Manglor figures, but they go for some crazy prices!

  2. O_O That's so awesome. I've always liked the Manglors toys, but they're in dire need of an upgrade. I'd love to see Manglodemon available as a toy again, and in a multitude of colors too! :-D