Thursday, June 13, 2013

Welcome to Toyfinity!

It's about time Toyfinity had a blog, isn't it?
Welcome one and all to the primary place to get your information about Toyfinity. What is Toyfinity?

Toyfinity is primarily three things - an archive; a toy production company; and a concept of toy interrelation and development.
The archive is located here. There you will find an ever-growing gallery of your favorite toylines of the past and present, in an easy-to-digest format.
Primarily maintained by Charlie Parry of the Parry Game Preserve, there are hundreds of great photos of different toys on the site currently, with many more to come.

Toyfinity the production company is the current rights holder of the classic properties ROCKS AND BUGS AND THINGS (now known as Mordles), ROBO FORCE, and MANGLORS.
You can purchase items created by Toyfinity at our official store.
We have aggressive plans over the next year to bring you some great toys and related materials that we hope you enjoy. Mordles begin with a direct reproduction of the cult-classic figures, with some surprises along the way. Later this year, Robo Force returns in an all-new Glyos compatible format. And on the horizon, the Manglors await...

Toyfinity the concept describes the relationship between every toy line that has ever been created. Did you know that the genesis of the modern action figure can be derived from an unlikely source - Barbie? Why do some action figure lines such as the first years of Transformers have figures that are wildly out of scale to each other? Why was it so easy to find action figures in the 80s at retail and nearly impossible now? All of these things are interrelated in ways that are not easily discerned.
We'll delve into this concept more from time to time here at Toyfinity, both on the blog and in the archive.

Toyfinity is primarily three people - myself, Charlie Parry, and Mike Hart.
Our mission statement is clear:
- provide a really strong archive for you to find toy information.
- make kick-ass toy products that the major companies just aren't making these days.
- and most of all, try to put some fun back into collecting with properties that are fresh.

At this time, I'd like to acknowledge some of the people who made all of this possible:
- my partners in the project, Mike and Charlie.
- Mike of for his support and guidance in the process.
- my brother Michael. If not for his obsession with Mordles over the childhood years, this never could have happened.
- everyone who has offered any support to the project over the last year. It is much appreciated.
- my friends and family in toys, movies and life
- and most especially, my great friend Matt Doughty. This could never have happened without you. Your guidance and friendship is a true inspiration.

Check back tomorrow for the definitive information on Club Mordle before memberships close Sunday!

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