Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shipping madness!

Shipping hit the Toyfinity HQ pretty hard this week!

 Even my canine buddy got in on the act! He's a great supervisor.
 Stuffing a box full of Crawler Editions with headers!
The team hard at work.
 Did anyone ever think they'd see a guitar case full of Mordles?!?
(I know, it's not a guitar case. But that's how I carry it around the house)


  1. Got Mine Today!
    They are AWESOME!

    Thank you guys

  2. AWESOME!!! It's still so cool to me to see you making Mordles after being such a big fan & collector of them. Also cool to see the behind-the-scenes photos of how shipping goes at Toyfinity HQ....AND it's doubley cool as I've sat at that very dining room table with you several times over the years. Can't wait for more Mordles & whatever else is coming down the pipe.