Friday, January 23, 2015

Important - heat up those Maxxes!

A quick reminder - with the Northeastern US in freezing conditions, it is important to heat up the Maxxes if you are going to:
A) build with them or
B) put together some of the leg parts properly. The factory is always striving to make the best functional product, and the hole on the center legs section is pretty tight on this round. We've seen some deformation on the pegs if you try to cram them into the center part while cold.

Here's Matt's recommended method (from the long-ago year of 2010!):

Thanks guys! If you want to use these to build with, I have a couple suggestions. Take a small box (like the folding type we send out) and cut about a 5 inch slice into a mini flap on the top of it. Throw your FEMALE parts in the box and then stick the front of a hairdryer in the flap on the top of the box (be careful) once the box is closed. After about 20-30 seconds of applied heat the box will get warm and the higher temp will soften up the hard parts. Use the rigid male limbs to assemble the figures and things should go much easier. Just heat in intervals and watch the temp on the hairdryer. 
It will make customizing easier and more efficient when using the harder figures.

You can also put the parts into boiling water, or use a hair dryer directly on the parts.
Above all else, BE CAREFUL!
Toys are supposed to be fun, not dangerous.

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