Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Big shipping day!
Because of the postal holiday yesterday, I was able to get every single Classic Maxx order packed up.
All of the US-bound packages that have had their addresses confirmed (per my e-mails last week) have shipped! So many of you should be seeing your Maxxes this week.
Still waiting for 21 confirmations so I can ship out your packages.
Pete Parnin - if you read this, shoot me an e-mail. Getting a bounce on your e-mail address.
Non-US addressed packages that have confirmed their address will ship tomorrow.

Details on Club Zeton this week!


  1. So excited! I can finally build a proper Sentinel now too!

  2. Great news, thanks for the update Doc!

  3. Got my standard Maxx in the mail yesterday. It was all I dreamed of and more. Not sure what was up with the last picture showing what appeared to be a yellow base color (is that a sly sneak at a future wave?) but what I got was exactly what I have been waiting for color wise since you launched the link Dr. K. Thank you sooooo much for doing this. I was never into Robo Force but I love robots and Maxx is awesome!!I wish I had more money because I would finance your whole operation if I could in order to get more of these standard versions out faster. THANK YOU John.

  4. I just got my figure today and WOW!!! Pure quality! I LOVED Maxx Steel as a kid but was never able to get the figures but that is all fixed now. AMAZING! Also, thank you so much for the fast shipping :)

  5. ALSO I love how the eyes of the Hun-dred head are in the classic red color of the original toy! A sign of things to come?

  6. Wow! You really outdid yourself! I look forward to future release of perhaps a villain to face off with Maxx?