Thursday, February 5, 2015

Club Updates! Mordle Singles? Crossover with October Toys! Godbeast sale this Sunday!

Club Mordle members should check their e-mails - Club packets are ready to ship!
If you changed your address since last year, let me know ASAP!

Also, Mordle singles were removed in the store update.
I ran into an inventory issue with the singles, which is why they aren't available to purchase directly from the store.
If you want singles, e-mail me a list of the species you want and the colors and I'll fill each order that way (when possible).

 Club Zeton update - thanks to everyone who has already bought a membership!
We're over a quarter of the way to the goal already, and you haven't even seen the Imperious Edition yet! A taste is coming soon....

EDIT: also, wanted to clarify something about the $75.
It isn't $75 to get the chance for the club benefits.
The $75 membership fee GETS you the following items with NO additional purchases:
- Ultimate Maxx Zero - Imperious Edition!
 - A club membership packet including a membership card and certificate.

- Mystery Maxx Modules!

- Lenticular stickers - two sets of them - to replicate the original "Maxx Steele" chest lights and "Maxx" logo for your modern Robo Force figures!
(someone asked about the pricing on these if I were selling them in the public store - they would be $10 each. Lenticular stickers are crazy expensive!)
- and a TEST SHOT of an upcoming figure from the Zetonian properties (Zeroids, S.T.A.R. Team, and Robo Force)!
If you never purchased anything but the Club membership, you'd get all of the above with no extra purchase - it's over $100 of value right there!

Plus the following benefits:
 - Unpainted Editions offered at a discounted price!

- Ability to order any Ultimate Edition with or without the detail lines!
- Guaranteed Access to all Robo Force products offered by, as well as any convention exclusives offered at shows by Toyfinity directly.

- voting on the order in which you want to see the classic characters produced as Ultimate Editions!
After Hun-Dred, I know you guys want him as the next Ultimate Edition.

First-ever Mordle crossover product!
October Toys will be selling the two Mordle Editions above - the Flesh Mordles - as part of their 24 Hour Toy Break which starts tomorrow. Toyfinity will not have any stock of these editions for sale!
Get them and use them to fight your OMFG and M.U.S.C.L.E figures!

 Last but not least, the Godbeast has a sale this weekend. including some of his finest Kabuto Mushis yet. I saw a sneak peek of the new ones during a recent visit to Onell HQ and they are something else. Witness an Ultraman-inspired edition above! Jump over to his store for more details as they are made available!

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