Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lenticular Maxx sticker details!

(above is the raw graphic before the finishing applied by the sticker manufacturing. There won't be white outlines around the word and colors on the final product.)

So, the lenticular sticker...when I look at the original Maxx Steele from the 80s Robo Force line, I love the detail on his chest. It would be hard to replicate exactly with paint - too many small areas for them to paint, and the shapes and sizes of the circles and squares, as well as the shift in colors of the Maxx name. After I watched the cartoon again, I had inspiration - what the animators had done was had the lights on the chests of the Robo Force characters flicker on and off as the characters spoke and moved. How could we make that happen on the current toys? With lenticular stickers.

Many people are familiar with the lenticular shields that were included with the original Mattel Secret Wars figures. You can see a gif of the original shields and how they worked on this Secret Wars archive page over at the RavingToyManic site.
I just recently learned how lenticular stickers worked via a few YouTube videos! Basically, using the principles of 3D, two or more images are printed in a special process and a lens material allows us to see both images as the lens is moved. This will allow us to replicate the action from the cartoon as the lights on Maxx's chest will shift from black to "on" as you move at the image. The same will occur with his name plate.

While it is theoretically possible to print lenticulars "in your garage", Toyfinity will have them professionally printed by a renowned sticker manufacturer. A quote has already been obtained. The price for the above design in the size fitted to Maxx's chest is pretty expensive; I would have to retail them at $10 each, which I consider a high price. This may also be why we don't see many independent toy projects using lenticulars!
However, if you sign up for Club Zeton, you will get TWO of the above lenticular stickers for use with your Maxx figures as part of the club membership price of $75.

Check back later today for a preview of the Maxx Zero - Imperious Edition!


  1. Looking fwd to these Doc, as they look great! I recently re-watched the cartoon special too, & thought about how the chest lights moved while the Robo characters talked, and this is a great way to see this happen with the new line! I'm signed up for the Club, and I hope we make it!

  2. So the animation is just on/off? I was hoping the shapes would flicker different colors.

    1. That's an interesting idea. Haven't paid for anything yet due to the cost, let me see what can be done.

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