Saturday, June 26, 2021

THE END OF THE ROBO FORCE! And a new beginning...


To the fans of Robo Force ® and the collective Masters of Zeton™:

The recent press release is true! The Robo Force is moving to a new home with the Nacelle Company, the brains behind the Toys That Made Us and many other fine programs.
Toyfinity is as thrilled as all of you are to see Nacelle spotlight the Robo Force with all-new stories, merchandise, and media!
Here at Toyfinity, we have always thought that Maxx Zero™ and the Robo Force were too cool to be left in the scrapheap of the 80s, and we have worked since 2013 to bring Maxx back to the shelves of it is time for Maxx to ascend to even greater heights!
There have been a lot of questions about the transition, many of which we are not able contractually to answer at this time.
But what we can talk about now is a special FINAL series of Robo Force releases from Toyfinity - which we are calling FAREWELL ROBO FORCE! 
Our vision of the Robo Force will be finished with the gracious permission of Nacelle.
To kick off this celebration of Maxx, we are offering a special limited-edition versus pack of the Ultimate Enemies MAXX ZERO and NAZGAR™ THE TYRANT!
It's your final chance to add these authentic Toyfinity style versions to your collections!
The pre-order for the final conflict between these two adversaries starts tomorrow, June 27th at 8 pm Eastern. 
Contractually, these are limited editions which will be offered for three weeks OR when the contractually allowed maximum quantities are reached.
If quantities still remain at the end of the pre-order period, they may be offered for sale at the end of the year.
Your purchase of these warriors will allow them to battle forever on your shelves - or to augment your existing Glyos ®/Robo Force collections!
Each Maxx Zero preorder will include a special thank you for ordering his final Toyfinity edition!
There will also be blank kits for those who want a final chance at these characters with no paint on them.
So, please do not be sad! Maxx Zero and the Robo Force now stand ready to enter a brand new phase of their incredible journey!
Instead, fear for the universe they leave behind...who knows what new threats may MANGLE the universe without his presence?
If you have been with us since the beginning (Genesis MAXX!) or just recently discovered the Robo Force, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you for your support and patronage.
Toyfinity will continue!  
Remember, as long as you own a Toyfinity Maxx Zero, he is ready for... 
Any Mission.
Any Time.
Any Place.


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