Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Mordles page! Maxx pre-order update! Happy Anniversary Robo Force cartoon! And more...

Also, friend of Toyfinity Daniel Hartzler reminded me that the Robo Force cartoon first aired 30 years ago this week. So jump over to YouTube and watch the one-and-only Robo Force cartoon!

So, update on the Maxx pre-orders - it looks like the figures will be shipping to you in January.
Let me explain why. Matt Doughty and I received samples of the figures, and there were some tweaks that needed to happen to make the Maxx editions they best they could be.
First, this was the first time we have detail-lined the Maxx figure. There were a few areas that we added, and a few we subtracted, to make it look the best that it can. Secondly, we had to remove two of the paint applications on the Ultimate Maxx. His elbows will no longer be a shade of gray. You can see how the unpainted elbows look in the picture below.
There were two reasons for this - in the original concept, we were going to run the arms in plain black, and then paint the elbows on this edition. However, we would have wound up with a situation where the black on the arms, guns, hands, Maxx's head, etc would have been a shade different than the arms. So we made the decision to paint the arm tubes for the most aesthetically pleasing look.
What you can't have on this particular figure, as was clear from the samples, are three painted parts touching each other so tightly. Ever wonder why a McFarlane figure might break right out of the box? In some instances, the PAINT bonds to other paint and it fuses together. There was a concern of that happening, so we removed the gray application from the elbows. I'm not too sad about it though - if you want a preview of what it might have looked like (and have the Genesis Edition of Maxx), swap those elbows onto the Ultimate Maxx. It isn't as aesthetically pleasing as leaving the elbows what we have now officially named "Maxx gray".
We also had to lose the black paint application on the center core part of Maxx's chest:
I took a chance because I wanted to add a new level of detail to a figure of this type. But it isn't possible to do (and maintain the integrity of a paint application of this type) because of the ability to disassemble the figure. I didn't want people to get their kits and have that paint app scratched just from the figure being assembled in the factory (and in turn, easily scratched when you assemble the figure), so we cut the paint application. It also had a tendency to leave black marks on the other parts of the figure. Lesson learned. You might see that paint app again if we ever use the chest as the head of a figure.

If anyone has any questions about these changes, please feel free to send me an e-mail.
I'd rather have the figure be great and delayed a month than to rush something to you that isn't going to work.
We're working on Cruel to be the next Ultimate Edition. More info on that project soon, as well as the debut of the Chronicler Mordles!


  1. Thanks for the update. I agree, it's better to be patient and get the best figure possible. Too much work involved to rush things.

  2. I 100% agree Dr. Kent ...you might the right choices by doing this. I know I would be unhappy with paint scratches! January it is! Thank you for making the BEST possible Robo Force product you can. =)

  3. It sounds like it'll be an awesome birthday arrival.

  4. Alway best to err in favor of quality control, I had so much problems with McFarland toy QC that I stoped buying any of their product after the 5th broken apon opening or broken in package but held in tray so it looked fine figure. Theirs no excuse for the latter other than the quest for more money. So good call on the delay I would rather wait for perfection than hurry up for meh. Just when will these Chronicler Mordles drop I hope I can look forward to them for Christmas ��

  5. Man...if you offered a subscription service for all the upcoming Ultimate Editions, I'd be all over that! ;)

  6. When you purchased Robo Force did you get the rights to the cartoon too? It'd be fun to own a copy on video.

  7. I'm also in the group of waiting til it was corrected. I wouldn't want to have to fix scratched paint on him. Good call Dr. Kent