A thousand years ago, the Zeroids® of Planet Zero were the fantastic worker robots of the future!
Now, they have defeated NAZGAR and learned the truth about Zeton - 
the search for COMMANDER ZOGG® has begun!
But will the MANGLORS® end the search before it starts?

In 2024, Zintar® himself leads the search! 
Join the adventure soon!

Zeroids, Zintar, Zerak, MANGLORS and ZOGG are registered trademarks of Toyfinity LLC. Zobor, ZEROID ZEMO, ZEROID STRIKER, Star Falke, ZEM-21, NEM, ZEM, KENT, Darkness Soldier, KNIGHT OF DARKNESS and all related names are trademarks of Toyfinity LLC 2013-2024. All Rights Reserved.
Robo Force is a registered trademark of Toyfinity LLC 2013-2021, The Nacelle Company LLC 2021 - 2024 used with permission. 
Related Robo Force trademarks used with permission of the Nacelle Company.

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