Wednesday, November 24, 2021

FAREWELL ROBO FORCE - the details!


It is time!

To wish a grand FAREWELL to Toyfinity's ROBO FORCE!

Check out the store now for a fantastic final release for Robo Force!

We will combine all pre-orders with new orders from this full release - if you are not buying any of the new items from tonight, send us an email that you would like your previous pre-orders shipped now.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Toyfinity over the years!

We hope you enjoy this final Robo Force branded release from us!

1 comment:

  1. Makes me so sad to see these go away. I always believed deep inside that one day I would get them all because they would be around forever. But nothing lasts forever… As part of the sale, is Onell prohibited from using the molds for unrelated characters like Mechabon?

    I wish you the best in the years to come as we see the future of Toyfinity infold starting in 2022!! I’ll be watching. (and buying if I can)