Friday, November 6, 2015

The Ancient Constructs are here!

When Maxx Zero finds these ancient robotic entities, will it mean the end of the Robo Force?
Or the beginning of the reign of IMPERIOUS MAXX?
Stay tuned for the story - but jump over to the Toyfinity store to get your Ancient Constructs RIGHT NOW!
Limited quantities available!

Thanks to Matt Doughty of the mothership GLYOS for the fantastic pics in Block Base!


  1. This is a massive build, very imposing indeed. Will pics of the back be posted anywhere? I checked Instagram and didn't see any but I along with some folks over at th Glyos Connection would like to get the build just right.

  2. Since you mentioned Imperious Maxx, I have a question to ask. Will Mystery Maxx (who is also a Club Zeton exclusive) be of ultimate paint level? Or basic?