Monday, September 14, 2015

BRUTAL AND CRUEL - the adventure begins!

 The boys together! Brutal and Cruel are a devastating team. Formerly Construction Class Zetonian Robots, their fusion with Monkaa technology has given them incredible strength and weaponry!
(the actual colors will be a mix of purple and off-red - shown here in their builds using existing kits)
 Brutal can deploy a long-range visor from his head unit, allowing him vision beyond most other Zetonian robots.
 Brutal's face is a simple windowed panel...
But the variable weapon system located behind his face gives him a mask of lasers to wear in combat.
 The various weapon ports located in his arms and back allow him to manifest additional appendages for combat with multiple opponents.
The pre-order closes this upcoming Sunday - don't miss out on Wrecker's blood enemies CRUEL and BRUTAL!


  1. Dr. K, the Cruel build looks like it uses the WoM chest in the center. The basic cruel doesn't come with that part. What would the Cruel build look like for the basic kit?

    1. Hi AP!
      Basic Cruel is the Maxx Zero build with the Hun-Dred head on it, with a slight change of the arms. I'll get a pic together.