Tuesday, July 28, 2015

He's finally here this week! FANGAR lives!

This week, Toyfinity is proud to present a crossover with Mecha Zone, the popular master of 3D printed action figures such as the Mechanauts!

Orders open on July 30th (Thursday) at 9:00pm East Coast US time for FANGAR THE CONSPIRATOR!
The Mecha Zone store is located here: http://mechazone.storenvy.com/

  • Only $24.99
  • 3 1/8" (approx 8cm) tall
  • 22 points of articulation
  • Includes carded bag and sticker
  • 3D printed designer toy intended for adult collectors
  • Limited to twenty-five units.
  • An homage to the unreleased FANGAR THE CONSPIRATOR from the vintage ROBO FORCE® toy line!

Mecha Zone, AKA David A White is a freelance illustrator, toy maker, and designer of giant robots. He also sells mecha themed art books, stickers, and other goods from his store. You can follow his 3D printing adventures or check out his sketches by following him on Instagram and Twitter @mechazone as well as the Mechanauts Universe Facebook page: 



  1. Will the figure be pre-painted?

    1. He will! The figure is mostly made in the plastic colors shown, so the chest is painted, as well as the eyes and teeth.

  2. That looks awesome but, with only 25 of them, I have a feeling this will be the first Toyfinity related toy I miss out on.

    1. Here's my thoughts on the quantities: I love the work of Mecha Zone. I want more people to be exposed to it. But these are all hand-finished here in the US...let's see what the demand is. Too many times makers have heard "make hundreds!" and they sit on seventy.

      If these sell out in two minutes, I'll work with Mecha Zone to find a way to get more of them out there.

      Good luck tonight on getting one!

    2. I totally understand the dilemma that toy makers go through with not wanting to have to eat the cost of a bunch of toys that didn't sell. I hope this is successful for you tonight whether I get one or not.

  3. And gone. Can't wait to get mine!

  4. Dang! Looks like I just missed him. Congrats on the sell out!

  5. I saw on the Robo Force thread on the forums that some other people missed out on Fangar. Did it sell quickly enough for some more to be made or should I keep checking Ebay? Lol