Wednesday, March 4, 2015



It's taken me a couple of days to get my thoughts together on Club Zeton...but the important thing is WE DID IT!
Club Zeton is a go! We needed a minimum of 100 people to make the club go forward, and there were some hairy times along the way, but in the end, a surge in the last two days pushed us well over the 100 member mark. There was no number fakery along the way - no mysterious meters popping up nebulous "progress" which means nothing. I had no reason to - it was you guys and girls who held the fate of the club in your hands.

I feel a lot like I have after past San Diego Comic Cons or an NYCC - the adrenalin rush when the outcome is unclear is something I wouldn't recommend to everyone.

I want to send a thank you out to everyone who decided to join the club (including those of you who bought multiples), everyone who helped promote it, and all of you who put up with my promotion of the club along the way.
I truly appreciate the feedback received during the membership period. To those that suggested Kickstarter, I'm taking that under careful consideration for future projects.

I want to reclaim the concept of a club being a fun thing and not just a pre-order system/pain to deal with.
It's why Club Zeton is structured as it is - there has to be some MYSTERY in the mix!
If you love Robo Force or Glyos, you are going to have a fantastic time over the next year as the full scope of Club Zeton is revealed - Imperious Maxx and his Demonslither cronies, the stickers, an all-new Zeton figure later this year, Mystery Maxx...and that's just what you know about right now!
We have many aspects of the club planned out to give you an enriched experience over the next year or so - and I'm sure there will be things I haven't even thought of yet that will add excitement along the way.
(Club Members, look for an email in the next two weeks to talk about some changes in the way I communicate with all of you directly that I think will streamline some of the issues I've had with Club Mordle.)

This week I nailing down a few of the production aspects, and will pass along an eta of when you can expect the club assets as I have the timeframes solidified.
I want to especially thank everyone in the Glyos creator family for their support and assistance with the process. The kindness that everyone shows as we continue to create a universe together is always a surprising revelation to me that humanity doesn't always have to be about "me" - and for this I am grateful and humbled.
To my brothers Matt Doughty and Jesse Moore, I can only hope to someday live up to your examples of family support. Your generosity will not be forgotten.
So, once again, thank you.
I promise to give everything I can to make this the best club you've ever been in.


  1. Well said Dr. Kent! I am so happy to see the Club become a reality & look forward to all the adventures it will bring along the way! Can't wait! =)

  2. I am extremely happy about this! Your passion and sense of fun really comes through with your toylines Dr. Kent that you don't always see from small companies (and practically never see with large companies). I'm a 2 year member of Clue Mordle and will happily join any Robo Force clubs. Bring on Club Manglor!! :)

  3. Hope we see something soon, really looking forward to what you have up your sleeve :)

  4. Crazy question, if I've just now found out about the club, can I still join?! I think I already know the answer.

  5. I know this is an old thread but, I would be very interested in joining Club Zeton, if in the future you re-opened memberships!