Thursday, May 1, 2014

The future of Toyfinity! New podcast!
I did two podcasts with the illustrious Dave and Devall this past weekend as part of my trek to Chicago/Illinois for C2E2 and the Kane County Toy Show (or as I refer to them, DaveDevall and DevallDave). Click the graphic above for one of the two, while the hilarious one which guest-stars the world-renowned nicest guy in toys, Pixel Dan, is linked here. We were punchy after a long day at C2E2! What do toy fans sound like when their brains have been under siege by intense nerdom and massive amounts of driving? Find out now!

While I have a chance between packing out Geihoza orders, I want to send out a special thanks to Nerd City, Marty "the Godbeast" Hansen, and Ben Spencer for allowing Toyfinity to show our wares at C2E2. It was a blast to meet some new fans (and finally meet some long-time online friends in person). Some interest collaborations might be in our futures because of it too...
If you guys get a chance, check out the Bio Masters! They were an incredibly cool potential new line using Glyos System joints to bring terror to the cosmos. I could see them fighting the Manglors in some barbaric arena overseen by Glyaxia scum.


  1. Going to listen to this now while painting & building some things.

    C2E2/Kane Cnty was a pretty damn fun weekend! Great to meet you in person and chat about your upcoming stuff. Those Bio Masters were really cool. I moved the one next to Sentinel on the table and they looked nice together! I can imagine Robo Force fighting them or mixing some parts in to make an infected Robo.