Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thank You!

It was another great release for Robo Force and Mordles. I’m pleased that you guys have shown the love to our Wrecker and Sentinel releases, as well as the Seas of Uzalek-based Mordles releases.

The first packages will go out Wednesday. I have been working over the last two days to arrange all of the invoices and make sure combined shipping happens for all of you. I’m looking at a way to automate this for Club Mordle members – more on this for year two of the club, on sale in May.

Sentinel has been stocked in much higher quantities – I was tired of there being no stock to purchase! I love that all of the characters can be built from this one kit – supplement your collection with a bunch of them! You guys are fanatics and we’ve sold through a really good number of them already. The next release for Mordles will be in April, with the return of Geihoza and full packs of Geists, as well as the Explorer Mordles. Robo Force should return in May or early June with three brand-new editions.

For those of you who are going to Super Robots Giant Monsters or C2E2, you'll have a chance to pick up these sold-out editions in limited quantities. See you there!


  1. YAY!! More Robo Force in May or early June!! AND 3?!?!? Can't wait!!

  2. Sweet! My package is already out for delivery this morning! Can't wait to get home!

  3. any leftover wreckers please???? i want a glow wrecker so bad!