Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NEXT ROBO FORCE/MORDLES SALE 3/23/14 at 9 PM EST! Plus, get KABUTO MUSHI to fight your Zetonians!

Hey all!

A quick announcement - the newest Robo Force and Mordles will be on sale to the general public on Sunday 3/23/14 at 9 pm EST!
More details on those to come - but this is a special month, because the Godbeast is also releasing Kabuto Mushi in complimentary colors! Get some to fight your Robo Force and Mordles - his sale is on Tuesday, March 18th at 8 pm CST.

Finally, for some sneak peeks at the new Robo Force and Mordles, check out this post on the Toyark for our table at the recent New Jersey Collectors Con!

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